venezuela criticizes dea as ‘new cartel’

venezuela criticizes dea as 'new cartel'from ap/yahoo: Venezuela on Monday said it will not allow U.S. agents to carry out counter-drug operations in the country, accusing the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration of being a “new cartel” that aids traffickers.

Justice Minister Pedro Carreno said the South American nation suspended cooperation with the agency in 2005 after determining that “they were moving a large amount of drugs.” President Hugo Chavez at the time also accused the DEA of spying.

“The United States with its DEA monopolizes the shipping of drugs like a cartel,” Carreno told reporters. “We determined that we were evidently in the presence of a new cartel.” He did not elaborate.

cryptogon says “I don’t know about new” and, on a related note…
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