a virginia shooting you won’t hear about

a virginia shooting you won't hear aboutfrom richmond times dispatch: “I was sick, I was sick. I need help.” That was the terse explanation Peter Odighizuwa offered yesterday when reporters outside the courthouse asked him why he shot and killed three people at the Appalachian School of Law on Wednesday. Three others were wounded… Odighizuwa, who was wrestled to the ground by fellow students, one of whom aimed his own revolver at Odighizuwa… “We went down, too, and Peter was in the front yard. I stopped at my vehicle and got a handgun, a revolver. Ted went toward Peter, and I aimed my gun at him, and Peter tossed his gun down.”

from what really happened: The lesson from today is simple.

1. The police cannot protect you. The police were at Virginia Tech following the morning’s shooting and still did not prevent the afternoon rampage.

2. Gun bans cannot protect you. There was a gun ban in effect on the Virginia Tech campus. Only the shooter was armed, and he knew his victims were not.

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    but the fellow students were active police officers…

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