Weekend Pedoscope: Syracuse Sex Scandal Widens

Syracuse sex scandal takes unexpected turn? Douglass Dowty reports, on Syracuse.com, about recent comments made by Robert Hoatson of Road to Recovery during a Syracuse U. panel on media coverage of sports sex abuse cases. Hoatson informed audience at S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications, “…a man had contacted him after the [Bernie] Fine investigation last November to say he had been abused by another coach at least a decade ago…the alleged victim had given Hoatson permission to make the allegation, but did not feel comfortable coming forward.” Hoatson replied whether his comments cast shadows over people, “‘But the public has to know that this is rampant. This is rampant.'” Our mainstream media has a historical preference for a lone perpetrator, e.g., assassin, serial killer or child abuser. This observation adds weight to suspected existence of widespread pedophile networks. Syracuse scandal may just be heating up?

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