What McQueary And Others Said At Friday Hearing

what mcqueary and others said at friday hearing

Mike McQueary spent over two hours on stand Friday at preliminary hearing for former Penn St athletic director Tim Curley and vice president Gary Schultz, reports ESPN. The pair of former Penn St officials are charged with failure to report child sexual abuse and perjury. McQueary held up well by all indications, providing credible account, dispelling previous criticisms. “McQueary…said he had stopped by a campus football locker room to drop off a pair of sneakers in the spring of 2002 when he heard slapping sounds in a shower and happened upon [Jerry] Sandusky and the boy. He said Sandusky was behind the boy he estimated to be 10 or 12 years old, with his hands wrapped around the youngster’s waist. He said the boy was facing a wall, with his hands on it. McQueary, 37, said he has never described what he saw as anal rape or anal intercourse and couldn’t see Sandusky’s genitals, but that “it was very clear that it looked like there was intercourse going on. ESPN legal analyst, Lester Munson, referred to McQueary as a strong witness.

Tom Farrell, Schultz’s lawyer, made perhaps most interesting comment with shot at ex-coach Joe Paterno, “‘I’m an Italian from Brooklyn, and he may not have called the police but he may have done what I would have done, which is get the boys in the car with a few baseball bats and crowbars and take it to the fellow.'”

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