Who Rules The World?

A former policeman,
Philip Jones (picture), dedicated his last years to research.  Jones wanted to unravel truth behind all the death and destruction of incomprehensible wars around the world.  “I personally do not believe that human beings, who in the majority, long for peace and happiness, are capable in themselves of such gross wickedness,”  observed Jones in part one of  2009 series, “Who Rules the World – The Origin Of Evil – Ancient Mythology Or Occult Reality? “  Jones recognized, instinctively, these are human beings of a different countenance.  The present writer sees amazing parallels to other researchers seeking similar answers – a common story in recent years!   A researcher without formal training, relying instead on deductive skills of a police officer, Jones related raw tale of discovery.  Jones found himself turning to same sources in search for truth:

“Even two years ago, if not a confirmed Atheist, I
was at the very least highly skeptical about all religion and like many these
days raised in the Christian faith, of that belief system particularly.
However, over those two years, having read countless books and articles
relating to the Illuminati and the `Global Conspiracy` to create a One World
Dictatorship, time and again I have found myself resorting to the Holy Book
for explanations, and it is therefore from that `book of ages,` along with the
Book Of Enoch and the Holy Koran that I have taken reference from in the

In the first article of three part series, the ruler of the world is identified:

“The Scriptures tell us then that Satan/Lucifer tempted Jesus by offering him ‘all the kingdoms of the world.’ Would this offer have been any kind of temptation at all if Satan was not the actual ruler of these kingdoms? No, it would not, and note; Jesus did not deny that all these worldly governments were Satan’s, which he would have done if Satan had not had power over them. So, then, Satan/Lucifer/the Devil really is the unseen ruler of the world! The Bible, in fact, calls him ‘The god of this system of things.’ (2 Corinthians 4:4)”

In part two, our policeman turned researcher, establishes malevolent bloodlines who rule us today, survived the Great Flood.  In a notable examination, Jones reaches conclusion: “So having established to a high degree of probability using Biblical, Historical and Geographic rationale, that the flood was not global, and that due to Cain’s wandering westwards prior to the great deluge, we can reasonably concur that his line and therefore that of Satan’s and the Nephilim survived through his progeny.” The second article is of special interest for its interpretations of original texts. Jones suspects Ham, committed incest with Noah’s wife.  The article’s discussion remains highly educational even if viewed as complete heresy.

In part three, Jones identifies malevolent bloodlines that date back to the garden, where he suspects Lucifer seeded Eve with Cain:

“The `Illuminati,` is the name given to those individuals and secret organizations who working together, and apart, continue to this day, to do the work of Lucifer, whom they see as their ancient ancestor. The order’s existence can be traced back to Babylon, in the sixth century BC, and coincided with the advent of the Jewish heresy of the Kabbalah. They believe themselves the `descended ones` of the Satanic Bloodline of Lucifer and the Fallen Angels, continued through the line of Cain and the `Anakim,`[a tribe of Nephilim offspring] who they say taught them the `Ancient Mysteries,` which they have been hoarding down through the centuries, passing on the knowledge from generation to generation.”

The perception is clear to many of us as it was to Jones: “Their utter disdain for mankind is becoming ever more
apparent with each passing day. They seem to regard us as little more than
beasts to do their bidding.” 

In the end, like a good cop, Jones sees it in black and white terms:  “The hitherto untold story of men and `Fallen Angels` is just a `crack in the
door` of the full and final expose of the manipulators and the manipulated,
the oppressors and the oppressed. But it is a beginning! ‘So who does `Rule The World?’ Well, I can only concur with the Holy
Scriptures that until our creator decides otherwise; it is Satan, his legions of
Fallen Angels and their Blood-kin in the Illuminati.”

Jones passed away not long after writing 2009 series, and suspected, he was poisoned by an Illuminati mind-controlled slave! The present writer wonders if a researcher simply ends up in a limited hangout?  On the other hand, do perps terminate your efforts for a limited hangout?

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