Why Are All of #Hollywood’s Female Journalists Unethical Sluts?

Why Are All of #Hollywood’s Female Journalists Unethical Sluts?from flavorwire.com: In Chris Rock’s genial, three-fourths of a pretty good film Top Five, Rock is playing a washed-up comedic actor who’s being trailed by a New York Times journalist (Rosario Dawson) during the grind of a press day. Dawson makes a smart, canny foil for Rock, and as the day goes on, and the interview gets more personal and rooted in “rigorous honesty,” the reporter/subject lines get blurred. And blurred. I mean, in this case, it was expected — it’s a romantic comedy, Rock is meant for Dawson in this film, it’s not a surprise on a plot level. But on another level, it bummed me out, as it was just another movie where the female journalist’s interest in a topic wasn’t for the sake of her work or her career — it was for the sake of her lovelife, so she could unethically fool around with or bang the subject.

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