william bennett update: some still not charged in 2009 murders

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william bennett update: some still not charged in 2009 murdersfrom myfoxdc: It was a vicious crime, a couple attacked and beaten in Northern Virginia, one year ago Monday [mar22]. The husband, a former green beret, died. A year later, the suspects in the crime have yet to go on trial and two haven’t even been charged. William and Cynthia Bennett had gone out for their morning jog in their Lansdowne neighborhood. They were at Riverside Parkway near Rocky Creek Drive when they were attacked. Back at the one time crime scene today, a makeshift memorial is fading, except for a bouquet of fresh flowers. It’s a fresh reminder one year later of the brutal attack that killed William Bennett and nearly killed his wife. At the time, Loudoun County Commonwealth’s Attorney James Plowman said, “This was a particularly violent case. I’ve never seen anything like this before, and I hope I never do again.”

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