William Cooper: Mystery Babylon Series

William Cooper could passionately dress down his  audience (video) for their apparent ignorance:  “Should I go on? I will. I will go on and on and on and on until you either wake up or I am dead, one or the other. And if you don’t wake up, I would rather be dead than live in slavery in the New World Order with our Constitution destroyed, the family broken, the children taken from the homes to be raised by the state, Christians and patriots locked in prison camps, labor camps, until they are no longer useful, and then they will be executed. And the blood will run in the New World Order.” 

Cooper wanted to see people rise above status of  mindless followers or “sheeple.” You come to admire Cooper,  much as a concerned parent who sees gaping holes in family’s preparedness, marshaled his energies to wake people up!   The Mystery Babylon Seriesremains a treasure for students, who want to understand where forces presently ruining our lives, ultimately, originates.  Cooper hoped through his instruction, people would come to “understand the enemy.”

A student, who makes effort, can reach goal of comprehension thanks to series.  Cooper wished for people – to recognize real threat not only to individual well-being but their very lives!  The series’ episodes are brilliant, Cooper realized early on what was at stake:

“A nation or world of people who will not use their intelligence are no better than animals who do not have intelligence. Such people are steaks on the table and beasts of burden by choice and consent. Do you fit that description? I certainly hope not. If you do, then it’s time to wake up and change it. And if you really want to know in a nutshell what’s wrong with this country, go in your bathroom and look in the mirror.”

You can read along while listening to episodes, transcript available here.   It’s up to you to rise above slave status or “beast of burden” and say “no” to becoming “…steaks on the [Illuminati] table by choice and consent.” What Cooper recognized decades ago, has become, only much clearer today!

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