williams ‘jokes’ that media has already chosen hillary

from raw story: Brian Williams, host of NBC’s Nightly News, appeared on Saturday Night Live last night as guest host.

In a sketch poking fun at the most recent Democratic debate, the reputed newsman made a shocking admission: “Incidentally, this arrangement was all determined by the drawing of lots except for Senator Clinton, who we’re deliberately placing in the center since all of us in the media want her to be the nominee.”

The other candidates, everyone except Barack Obama, nod knowingly.

“Gentlemen, I’m going to have to run; I have a 15-minute pre-debate interview with Senator Clinton, we’re going to ask her about her first 100 days in office,” Williams says in the sketch. “I wish you all good luck tonight, though we, again, in the media have pretty much made up our minds to go with Senator Clinton. We’ll see you in a few minutes.”

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