X-37B: Only the Public Face of a Private Spying Mission?

Mysterious X-37B space plane survives 1st year in orbit*
X-37B: Only the Public Face of a Private Spying Mission?Ted Thornhill asks questions in Veterans Today article (VT), “This [X-37B] is the public face? Is this video one of the private “faces,” one of how many?” The writer implies X-37B space plane, could’ve been built in 1955 and suspects there’s more out there? Thornhill doesn’t accept propaganda fed public at face value, suggesting lies abound and illustrates with observation on diagram of space plane: Kerosene jet fuel doesn’t burn without liquid oxygen. NO TANK. We have liars here. The HP [Hydrogen Peroxide] tanks are overlarge, a good guess is that this is hiding a payload of laser fuel. There is NO need for space based recon with our new Global Hawk, which flies 11,000 miles at 80,000 feet.” The X-37B remains in orbit 100-500 miles above after one year, its primary purpose still a mystery. An observation made in article provides hint as to what space plane is up to: …amateur astronomers were able to detect the orbital pattern of the first X-37B which included flyovers of North Korea, Iraq, Iran, Pakistan and Afghanistan, heightening the suspicion that the vehicle was being used for surveillance.” An apprehensive tone is detected in article but fails to address if X-37B unnecessary for spying what is its primary mission? Does X-37B possess weapon capability, obscured with an array of peaceful space gadgets? The You Tube video linked in VT article, UFO Scout Ship Lands In New Mexico?“, is possibly only good CGI? Thornhill is in all likelihood right however, there’s much more orbiting above us right now!

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  1. Craig Hewlett Avatar

    X37b could be a kinetic energy delivery system weapon to create earthquakes via 'Rods from God' weapon. Please view … https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B1WUTw3_yiM

  2. Anonymous Avatar

    The UFO Scout Ship thing has already been proved fake. See 0:34 and you'll see they forgot to remove the masking of the ship when the ship view becomes blocked by the building. Nice try though!

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