10/14 Newspurge: Become The Enemy

9/11 updates:
lemonheads’ evan dando says wtc ‘blown up by bombs’*
lemonheads' evan dando says wtc 'blown up by bombs'fmr sen gravel spearheads california 9/11 truth commission initiative*
media matters: fox’s napolitano joins 9/11 truther alex jones*
project censored: ‘increased tensions with unresolved 9/11 issues’*
video: ‘operation dark heart’ author alleges 9/11 coverup*
video update: cbs said ground level explosion caused wtc to collapse*

climate science’s worst week ever*
scientist resigns from physics society, calls global warming a scam*
hal lewis: global warming ‘greatest & most successful pseudoscientific fraud’*
video: epa says corexit is ‘perfectly safe’ – compares dispersant to klondike bar*
white house will lift ban on deep-water drilling*
twins die minutes after measles vaccination*
cancer ‘purely man-made’ say scientists after finding almost no trace in egyptian mummies*
horror as man mutates into a living tree*

masonic imagery surrounds 33 chilean miners’ rescue*
chile’s ghosts are not being rescued*
israeli cabinet approves loyalty oath for new citizens*
video: whistleblower’s statement on saakashvili black ops*
video: police use tear gas to clear workers from acropolis*
video: tarpley says: ‘there is a currency war!’*

holy hexes:
video: why christians give millions to israel*
can you believe in bigfoot & the bible?*

willow smith: next illuminati star?*
rock rebels ‘the clash’ as corporate puppets?*
2 hosts walk off ‘the view’ over o’reilly islamic center comments*
obama admin gave ge/nbc $24.9m in ‘stimulus’ grants*
‘die hard’ director, john mctiernan, sentenced to 1yr in prison*
flashback: aaron russo was target of assassination*
soul-music pioneer solomon burke dies at 70*
carrie fisher’s drug shame: ‘i did cocaine on the set of empire strikes back’*
footage of eric stoltz as original marty mcfly finally sees light of day*
gorillaz says no to ‘glee’ before show even asks*
video: banksy’s simpsons in korean sweatshop for opening sequence*

doj lawyer was found hanging in his basement*
swedish man uses webcam to broadcast suicide live on internet*
video: gunman identified in carlsbad school shooting*

‘bandit’ obama billboard sparks storm in US city*
'bandit' obama billboard sparks storm in US cityobama’s related to palin*
wall st. cash flow imperils democrats*
internal email reveals mtv pressuring employees to attend stewart’s rally*
ventura: US should abolish inherently corrupt political parties*
gop candidate in ohio likes to dress up like a nazi*
scotus won’t review president’s right to eject critics from events*
jim jones to step down as national security adviser*
goodbye to james ‘revolving door’ jones*
donilon’s résumé: policy, law & fannie mae*
obama’s nat’l security pick has fannie mae, goldman sachs past*
cheney: ‘frail-looking’, comments on 9/11, upcoming book*
update: obama headed to oregon to campaign for kitzhaber on oct20*

police state int’l:
douglas coupland’s pessimistic guide to the next 10yrs*
americans see children’s future dim in poll as 50% pessimistic*
splc, dhs & community officials team up to attack patriot groups*
US troops to deal with rioting americans*
railsafe: transit security drill carried out on amtrak routes*
nypd holds drill to prep for mumbai-style attack*
police look for link between c4 explosives in manhattan cemetery & bizarre note found nearby*
proposed air force training area may bring conflict with ranchers*
michio kaku says people who oppose nwo are ‘terrorists’*
‘eye in the sky’ now peeking into your backyard*
national guard adds ‘homeland response force’ to fight bioterror*
nytimes defends right of US govt ‘to assassinate anyone it pleases’*

aid worker linda norgrove killed by US troops*
the killing of british aid worker by US military*
obama offers condolences over linda norgrove death*
petraeus launches afghan air assault; strikes up 172%*
ex-top soldier: iraq war ‘fiasco’ due to rumsfeld ‘lies’*
darpa starts sleuthing out disloyal troops*
total nutrition awareness: darpa wants to track troops’ food 24/7*

wv worry:
video: clinton joins manchin for rally in wv*
gop pulls wv senate ad with ‘hicky’ actors*
massey energy again fails surprise mining inspection in wv*

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