10 Things Media Don’t Want To Know About Sandy Hook

10 Things Media Don’t Want To Know About Sandy Hook

Jon Rappoport (picture) sizes up media well with observations in recent blog, “10 things the media don’t want to discover about Sandy Hook.” Rappoport observes interest remains in Sandy Hook Massacre, but shares his belief “elite media” have no intention of answering even basic questions. The gun control agenda is in place and any questions would distract from it, Rappoport contends, “…the official Sandy Hook scenario must stand, in order to forward that agenda.” It’s a sharp observation about the official scenario, Rappoport knows this leaves many unaddressed questions, and as a result, a number of holes in official story. Sandy Hook, is perhaps, most strained and tortured media story ever! There were just too many early “errors in reporting” that strained all limits of credulity!

The questions asked by Rappoport are just as important as they cast doubt on official account. It should perhaps become axiomatic, whenever video will not be produced by authorities a lie is involved in their story that would be exposed by releasing it! There’s much to be said for this argument!

Rappoport wants (what elite media doesn’t want) answers for questions below:

1) “Where is the video footage from inside the Sandy Hook Elementary School, footage that surely exists and shows some part of the massacre?

2) “How did the accused killer, [Adam] Lanza, gain entrance to the school?

3) “From available information, it seems almost certain Lanza was seeing a doctor and was on medication. Who was the doctor and what drugs did he prescribe? Did they include SSRI antidepressants like Prozac, Zoloft, and Paxil, or Ritalin and Adderall—drugs known to cause violent behavior, including suicide and homicide. If so, then all the focus would shift to excoriating the drugs and eliminating them from our society.

4) “What was the exact story on the two or three other suspects captured and detained by the police?… Why were they released?

5) “Once and for all, let’s have a definitive statement on what guns were used in the killings and what guns were found in the trunk of the car. For starters, let’s see photos of the killer and his weapons taken inside the school. Undoctored photos.

6) “What is the detailed explanation for the massive shift from Lanza’s father being killed in New Jersey to Lanza’s mother being killed in Connecticut? Similarly, if the early conclusion pointed to Adam’s brother Ryan as the killer, a conclusion which was withdrawn because Adam was carrying his brother’s ID, explain that. According to reports, Adam hadn’t seen his brother in more than two years. Offer hard evidence that Adam was, in fact, carrying his brother’s ID.

7) “Where are complete statements and interviews with witnesses who were in the school at the time of the shooting? We have seen a few short interviews. There must be more.

8) “In the television interviews with parents of children murdered in the Sandy Hook School, not one parent was angry, not one parent demanded a deeper investigation. Obviously, this screening of interviewees was purposeful. Where are the outraged parents? What do they have to say? Do they know anything we don’t know? Have they been told (as people were at Columbine) to keep quiet?

9) “And now, as the gun-control agenda is being pursued, precisely how will new laws curb the majority of gun violence in America, violence which is taking place in cities—much of it gang-related.

10) “Finally, in the wake of Sandy Hook, how does President Obama’s declaration that mental-health services will be expanded across America add up to reduction of gun violence? In fact, this will lead to higher levels of prescribed dangerous psychiatric drugs, which in turn will cause a serious escalation in gun violence and mass shootings.

The present writer finds the omission of video footage almost equivalent to “pleading the fifth” in the court of public opinion. Also, the fact that state troopers were assigned to families implies that parents were advised to keep quiet. The only thing that seems certain about Sandy Hook is that official story isn’t the truth!

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