12/31 newspurge: out like a lion

top scientists share their future predictions*
top scientists share their future predictionsmailman to deliver aid if anthrax attacks*
green police: is your neighbor wasting energy?
there’s an app for that
comics help cdc pitch vaccines to kids*
world health org chief not vaccinated against swine flu*

tidal wave of retirees could break the bank*
al gore’s website covers un’s world currency coins*
video: gop & lobbyist attempt to hijack tea party movement*
are poorest states also most religious?*
how goldman made 10s of billions from econocrash in 4 easy steps*

video: was the afghan bomb attack on the cia an inside job?*
iran nuke document was forged – just like iraqi ‘yellow cake’ document*
top norwegian diplomat admits attending bilderberg group*
video: ‘superpower’ documentary*

james cameron: marxism for thee, but not for me*
an ‘avatar’ awakening*

obamessiah updates:
now, michelle obama is sliding in the polls, too*
obama ends bush secrecy policy, launches ‘declassification center’*
video: ‘fraud’ trailer*

arab dictatorships take 4 of top 5 spots in purchase of US weapons & services*
are america’s mercenary armies really drug cartels?*
danger room’s top 10 stories from a world gone nuts*
judge drops charges against blackwater guards accused of massacre*

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