2/3 Newspurge: You’ll Never Pay for the Farm

Rothschilds acquires majority stake in Weather Central*
Rothschilds acquires majority stake in Weather Centralsnow chaos just one more sign of crumbling US infrastructure*
amazing reports on massive midwest storm*
epic winter storm hits central US*
‘worst ever’ monster cyclone hits australia*
task force to probe slaughter of sled dogs*
cattle population in US smallest since 1958*
gates describes ‘magic of vaccines’ to improve humanity*

‘loose change’ filmmaker korey rowe charged with heroin sale*
which dangerous toxins are in your pot?*
video update: pot meets pop in new marijuana soda*

Legendary film composer John Barry dies at 77*
Legendary film composer John Barry dies at 77videos: remembering composer john barry + a ‘greatest hits’ playlist*
‘last tango in paris’ star maria schneider dies at 58*
what was the most sustainable cinema at sundance 2011?*
lady gaga fragrance to smell like ‘blood & semen’*

Why is Beau Biden covering up John Wheeler’s murder?*

medical examiner says john wheeler died of ‘blunt force trauma’*
julie powers schenecker, army intel-connected linguist, murders her children in florida*
video search: “julie schenecker”*
california man arrested with explosives outside dearborn islamic center*
shots fired inside alabama courthouse*
affidavit: ohio man bragged about making ricin*
minot, north dakota police say killer still at large*

oregon oddities:
van jones: is there still hope for portland progressives?*

neil goldschmidt: how much damage can one man do?*
hole-in-floor ashtray apparently leads to house fire*

wv worry:
east bank woman sues city, police officers for harassment*
3 dead in rural west virginia*

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