2/3 Pop Occulture: Lullabies for the End Times

Lullabies for the ‘end times’ – music for chaotic times*
Lullabies for the 'end times' - music for chaotic timesbird, fish, cow death reports wane …
but biblical end times prophesy marches on
a nation & its demons: as ‘the rite’ hits screens,
church needs exorcists more than ever
exorcist warns parents of rise in ‘demonic’ websites*
‘take shelter’ – michael shannon foresees the end times*
cults & uncertain futures dominate sundance film festival*
glenn beck fuels end-times hysteria over egypt*
‘US marine for christ’ prompts suit at colorado academy*
swaziland teen cult: ‘we have powers to cause fatal road accidents’*
video: scientology will bury its enemies in pamphlets with terrifying new printing facility*
the occult symbolism of the los angeles central library*
video: reports of weeping mary statue in ohio draws visitors*

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