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#MorningMonarchy: October 11, 2018

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#MorningMonarchy: October 11, 2018Carriage remains, limo crashes and dead reporters + this day in history w/the Kitty Hawk riots and our song of the day by Soulfly & Randy Blythe on your Morning Monarchy for October 11, 2018.


BREAKING NEWS: A Mexican couple caught carrying dismembered human remains in a baby carriage may have killed as many as 20 women, said the chief prosecutor of Mexico State.

#Mexico Couple Arrested With Body Parts In Stroller, Admits Selling Baby; May Have Killed 20 Women (Audio)

Who would think she'd kill & eat a person? 12yo cannibal was 'a regular kid who liked anime'

Transgender student's treatment during active shooter drill blasted

FBI informant owned Limo in deadly New York crash failed inspection: Governor

Owner of Limo company involved in DEADLY NY crash is UNDERCOVER FBI informant & International Fugitive Wanted for Murder

Limousine company operator arrested following deadly crash

Suspect Arrested in NY #LimoCrash (Audio)

Prestige Limo Crash: #HolyHex

Treasure hunters challenge FBI over dig for Civil War gold

@AP given rare access to work being done to identify the remains of thousands of American soldiers who died during wars decades ago. It’s a monumental mission that combines science, history and intuition.

VIDEO: A stolen 2,500-year-old Persian artifact is once again on display at Tehran's national museum after it was returned to Iran following a New York court order (Audio)

Zookeeper in Japan dies after found mauled, unconscious in white tiger’s cage

Blue LED's lower suicide rates at Japan's subway stations

Goldman CEO's Former Assistant Commits Suicide After Confessing To $1.2 Million Wine Theft

It reads like a modern day take on 'The Old Man and the Sea' -- five Filipino fishermen cast adrift for days on a makeshift raft after a huge marlin sinks their boat

Six Flags Fiesta Texas to host 30-hour coffin challenge

Man who vanished from music festival may have joined cult

Fearing Exposure, Some #Funeral Homes Stock #Overdose Antidote

UK teens chased by laughing clown wielding bat

These tragic events (hurricane’s name and the city where officer-involved mass shooting occurred both being Florence) would be one of @mediamonarchy’s #HolyHexes and the #TwilightLanguage’s #NameGame.

Bill Clinton's Sexual Assault Allegations Are 'Different', Hillary Says

Roe v Wade was passed because Norma "Roe" McCorvey lied about being raped. (Audio)

Co-Founder of Tween YouTube Channel Arrested for Molesting a Minor

Investigators find 500 tapes where accused serial rapist lived

Decorated #Army staff sergeant gets 99 years in #child #sexabuse case

Man jailed for filming sex with cow, 'significant' child porn collection

Facebook 'profits from #childtrafficking', Theresa May says

'Clergy' Movie About Church Sexual Abuse Is a Contentious Hit in Poland

Roman Polanski's 'J'Accuse' Is Filmmaker's First in the Post-#MeToo Era

Romanian man arrested over murder of Bulgarian journalist found raped and beaten to death in a park

Bulgarian journalist #ViktoriaMarinova, 30, murdered (Audio)

#ThisDayInHistory: #October11 w/A race riot occurs on the United States Navy aircraft carrier #KittyHawk off the coast of #Vietnam during #OperationLinebacker in 1972 (Audio)

+ @TodaysDAR founded, #SanFermin quake, #OperationMoonwatch, #Pioneer1 launch, #MuddyWaters injured, @NBCSNL debuts w/#StCarlin, #DaveGrohl's 1st Nirvana gig, #AIDS quilt

Flashback: Portland Cops Test License-Plate Cameras That Store, Trace Data (Oct. 11, 2008)

Flashback: New Site Details Chemical Warfare & LSD Tests (Oct. 11, 2008)

+ #Potemkin, #EleanorRoosevelt, #FredTrump, #ArtBlakey, #DavidMorse, #JoanCusack, #LukePerry, @ToddSnider, #JaneKrakowski, @MCLyte, @PetraHaden, @EmilyDeschanel birthdays

#PumpUpThaVolume: Soulfly - "Dead Behind The Eyes" (w/Randy Blythe of Lamb Of God) (Audio)

#MorningMonarchy: October 11, 2018