#MorningMonarchy: June 12, 2019

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#MorningMonarchy: June 12, 2019Shaky ground, heritage travel and ending research + this day in history w/the Brown/Goldman murders and our song of the day by The Raconteurs on your Morning Monarchy for June 12, 2019.


“Tar Is Literally Oozing Up” Through The Streets Of LA As 700 Quakes Hit Key Seismic Zone

On Shaky Ground: Glen Avon Is Having An Earthquake Swarm (Audio)

Ohioans Find Their Water Has Turned Purple

Labor anger over Green New Deal greets 2020 contenders in California

AOC: The Dishonest Bartender Comes Home

My daughter works at Olive Garden in E. TN at $2+ per hr. She works 23-25 hours per week and brings home 800-900 per week.

Bars & Nightclubs Use A Secret Biometric Blacklist To Ban Customers

Supermarket Uses Embarrassing Plastic Bags So Customers Will Remember Their Reusable Ones

Beyond Meat Tumbles Into Bear Market After JPM Downgrade – Down 27% From Highs

“Five times the carbon footprint from emissions in the lifespan of a car” – AI training proves to be energy vampire

Mailchimp bans “anti-vaccine” content

Oops looks like another case of Measles in the news is actually a vaccine reaction. Maybe MSM should wait for lab results before reporting.

Drug Company to Pay Just $15.4 Million Over Doctor Bribery Scandal Involving Medicine That Brings in $1 Billion a Year

.@Airbnb Partners With @23andMe To Recommend Heritage Inspired Vacations

Heritage Travel is on the Rise | Check-In to the Trend | Airbnb (Audio)

Internet brings down Coca-Cola partner farm after SHOCKING animal cruelty footage surfaces online

As Students Clamor for More on Climate Change, Portland Heeds the Call

Louisiana coroner claims first case of THC overdose death, others doubt finding

Research Traces Cannabis Plant Origins to the Tibetan Plateau 28 Million Years Ago

#Chernobyl: 33 Years On, Radioactive Fallout Still Impacts #Scandinavian Farmers🦌🐟🌱

Nation’s most ambitious project to clean up nuclear weapons waste has stalled at #Hanford

USA lags behind EU, Brazil and China in banning harmful pesticides

Bayer defends glyphosate with another full-page NYTimes ad

Three dead after food poisoning linked to hospital sandwiches

Pfizer denies report it hid possible Alzheimer’s breakthrough

Pfizer ends research for Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s drugs (Audio)

#ThisDayInHistory: #June12 w/#NicoleBrownSimpson and #RonGoldman are murdered outside Simpson’s home in Los Angeles in 1994. Her estranged husband, #OJSimpson is later charged with the murders, but is acquitted by a jury. (Audio)

+ #MedgarEvers murdered, #Reagan says #TearDownThisWall, #DaveGrohl falls off the stage in Sweden, #OmarMateen and the #PulseNightclub op, #OttoWarmbier returns to US in a coma

econocrash: the depression quietly deepens // financial meltdown: ‘we will never know the true inside story of what really went on // obama promises summer speedup of economic effort // white house had long planned gm & chrysler bankruptcies // paulson’s secret talking points reveal that banks were forced to surrender ownership stakes to govt // obama officials: no ‘magic bullet’ for auto companies // boston globe workers reject plan // nytimes hires goldman sachs to sell boston globe // airlines say downturn worse than 9/11 // ron paul on gm, amtrak & an increasingly fascist america // oakland considers bankruptcy // schwarzenegger to terminate textbooks in california // arcandor, retail & tourism giant, goes bust // top chinese banker calls for wider use of yuan // 2 japanese citizens carrying $134b in questionable US bonds detained in italy // italian border guards seize $134 billion in US bonds at swiss border // the depression quietly deepens // russia may swap some US treasuries for imf debt // royal canadian mint’s ‘lost’ gold worth a mint // video: bernanke confronted on bilderberg attendance by we are change chicago (Jun. 12, 2009)

police state int’l: nanny state, lockdowns, drills & disinfo // dread zeppelin: the army’s new surveillance blimp // chp encourages residents to report out-of-state license plates // fema website shows martial law exercise, nle ’09, with foreign troops // atlanta airport tests security program // mueller defends use of informants against newburgh 4 // gps shoes being developed for alzheimer’s patients // video: police lockdown ny school, search lockers & impound cars after student commits suicide // uptown explosion just a military exercise in charlotte, nc // video: spokane valley activists pushing for disincorporation // uk mobile scanner could detect guns // path stations in ny to take part in security screening pilot with the tsa // urbandale, iowa man dies from bean bag rounds // video: fbi investigates ‘anti-government’ gun range in washington // georgia student convicted of dc terror plot // georgia man convicted for videotaping ‘potential terrorism targets’ in dc // family’s pet chihuahua tasered, shot dead by police in cincinnati // heated debate, but no vote on creating awol haven in bellingham // texan grandma sues over stun gun // cia & pentagon deploy rfid ‘death chips’ – coming soon to a product near you! // uk pupils to be taught ‘how to think’ in gcse-style course // video: london police accused of waterboarding suspects // ‘robocop’ gadget developed for uk police (Jun 12, 2009)

obamessiah & the apostles of war: change-allelujah! // obama invokes jesus more often than bush did // videos: obama is god & great teacher // obama in cairo: a bush in sheep’s clothing? // obama’s french food tested by ‘taster’ // most arabs know obama’s big speech makes little difference // feds search for man allegedly on ‘mission to kill the president’ // man with ‘eight registered firearms’ allegedly threatens obama // US military technology easily shipped abroad: US audit // obama selling military secrets to china for debt forgiveness? // mudd’s name is mud: nominee pulls out as role at cia is studied // sotomayor member of female version of bohemian grove // scotus nominee sonia sotomayor breaks ankle // 20+ czars in 55 months of major government expansion // obamaczars, hand puppets & evil despots // microsoft exec may be obama’s cyber czar pick // 1st guantanamo detainee arrives in US // 1st guantanamo prisoner in US pleads not guilty // small montana town wants to be the new gitmo // ron paul talks foreign policy: new face, same policies // cia urges judge to keep bush-era documents sealed // yahoo nukes flickr over obama comments // obama’s era of openness is closed // jon voight calls obama ‘good actor’ // house votes against releasing torture photos // cia chief says bin laden in pakistan (Jun. 12, 2009)

Flashback: 6/11 newspurge // 9/11 updates: obama may toss ‘full trials’ for alleged 9/11 plotters // flashback: feb20, 1981: boeing 707 nearly hits tv mast atop world trade center // mos def on 9/11: “it just doesn’t feel right” // drugwar: US to ramp up intel efforts in drug war // drones vs drugs // psychiatric drugs eyed for adolescents // uk government ‘to ban legal highs’ // video: rhode island senate passes medical marijuana compassion center bill // geopolitiks: north korea jails US journalists // north korea sentences US reporters to 12yrs ‘hard labor’ //silence on north korea detainments causes concern among current tv staff // experts say US may be able to negotiate reporters’ release from north korea // US preps for possible showdown with pyongyang // north korea would use nuclear weapons in a ‘merciless offensive’ // gates: we can take down north korean missile // video: bomb kills at least 11 at pakistan hotel // search for pakistan blast victims // gorbachev calls for new american revolution // china runs ‘great wall 6’ anti-terror drills // kyrgyzstan: sorry, barack, we’re giving you the boot // shell settles nigeria case // 6 arrested in suspected plot to attack g8 // warwhores: US remains top military spender, peace researchers say // US, china & russia lift arms spending to new record // one note of wv worry: judges told to avoid cases involving big donors: massey energy, big $ & corrupt judges in west virginia (Jun. 12, 2009)

Flashback: iranian elections & digital conversions // as if everything else wasn’t enough, we have these huge stories // iranians start heading to polls on super friday // americans set for tv digital switchover (Jun. 12, 2009)

Flashback: flight 447, week2: wreckage, questions, bodies & black boxes // search for air france flight 447 reveals astonishing pollution of world’s oceans // possible bodies, wreckage from air france flight 447 found // 2 bodies, ticket found near air france crash site // air france passenger’s body found // 24 error messages sent by flight 447 // french minister warns about alleged airbus debris // strong 6.0 quake hits mid-atlantic ocean // video: bodies, bag from doomed air france jet // french recover body near air france crash site // 3 more bodies found in atlantic near crash site // 15 more bodies found in atlantic air france crash // air france tail found; US helps hunt black boxes // crews find vertical stabilizer in air france crash // navy joins search for air france black box // can the crash be solved without the black box? // key figures in global battle against illegal arms trade lost in flight 447 // air france crash investigator likes to blame pilots & protect manufacturers // terror names linked to doomed flight 447: 2 passengers shared names of radical muslims // and one bad typo from the uk telegraph: air france plane – full story of the horror on board flight 446 (Jun. 12, 2009)

Flashback: media monarchy episode127 (Jun. 12, 2009)

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#PumpUpThaVolume: The Raconteurs – “Born And Razed” (Audio)