#MorningMonarchy: June 25, 2019

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#MorningMonarchy: June 25, 2019City of secrets, Raspberry Pi crackers and Kansas City UFOs + this day in history w/the death of MJ and our song of the day by Boulevards on your Morning Monarchy for June 25, 2019.


City of Secrets: Estimated 10,000 people in DC are spies // Part 5 — City of Secrets: Spies aren’t just walking the streets in Washington. They’re in your inbox. (Audio)

Are Microsoft & The Pentagon Quietly Hijacking US Elections?

Google Using AI To Meddle In 2020 Election, Prevent ‘Next Trump Situation’: Veritas

Florida city to pay $600K ransom to hacker who seized computer systems weeks ago

Three Facebook moderators break their NDAs to expose a company in crisis

Walmart uses AI camera tech to track checkout theft at 1,000 stores

Unseen 9/11 photos bought at house clearance sale

Newly recovered Ground Zero photos show why you should back up your CD-Rs now

The Drone Iran Shot Down Is A Quarter Billion Dollar Surveillance Monster

Google thwarts shareholder challenge to its China search plans

Buyer Beware: Used @googlenest Cams Can Let People #Spy on You 👁️📷

Big Brother, Electric Eye, working for the 2020 Census (Sense Us)?

A $25 Raspberry Pi Was Used To Hack NASA’s Mission System

A rogue Raspberry Pi helped hackers access NASA JPL systems (Audio)

NASA’s About to Send an Atomic Clock Into Orbit, And It’ll Revolutionise Space Travel

Mysterious Flying Objects Over Kansas Turn Out To Be Top-Secret DARPA Experiment

Flying Objects Over Missouri Leave Locals Asking Questions (Audio)

#ThisDayInHistory: #June25 w/Michael Jackson died in 2009 (Audio)

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Flashback: biowars/envirohealth: infections, declarations & mandatory vaccinations // obama gets billions for ‘pandemic’ swine flu // US swine flu cases now exceed 21,000; 87 deaths // swine flu ‘could infect up to half the uk population’ // vaccinate canadians under 40 & natives first: experts // sign the ‘universal declaration of resistance to mandatory vaccination’ // swedish govt recommends 2 h1n1 shots for every swede // mandatory h1n1 vaccine may be in the works // swine flu tolls leaps past 52,000 cases // video: swine flu: made in the usa // ny ‘carbon counter’ sign shows greenhouse gases in real time // epa declares ’emergency’ asbestos cleanup in montana town // nasa’s james hansen, civil disobedience & mountaintop removal mining // daryl hannah, ex-rep hechler & others arrested at west virginia protest // opium-eating wallabies get high, make crop circles // 200 lbs of pot seized from ex-mountain bike champ // author, eco-philosopher & activist joanna macy says it is time for a ‘new world order’ (Jun. 25, 2009)

Flashback: police state int’l: drones, phones, kids & climate cops // the panopticon economy: the nsa’s new data-mining facility is one component of a growing local surveillance industry // the panopticon economyspy training program could come to universities // secret buildings you may not photograph, part 643 // bozeman, mt drops request for internet passwords // dhs to end use of satellites for domestic spying // homeland security announces the elimination of domestic terrorism surveillance satellite // admin kills bush program to give police access to spy satellite data // 1st satellite for space tracking & surveillance system delivered // homeland security drone patrolling nny // drone aircraft to patrol canadian border // new bill seeks to replace real id with pass id // nsa monitors millions of american emails // rfid-enabled phones could let credit card companies track users // house backs biometrics in dhs 2010 spending bill // 60k US inmates sexually abused each year, report says // protesters denounce chicago police ‘1968 reunion’ // chicago’s black star project: we need more than police action! // cop ordered to manage anger // supreme court rules school’s strip search of teenage girl illegal // video: scotus says strip search of child illegal // supreme court: strip search of child illegal // scotus rules strip search is unconstitutional, but school officials immune from accountability // ‘they took away my twins after i’d joked that birth spoilt my body’ // urban rangers // climate cops to fine ‘wasteful’ homeowners & businesses (Jun. 25, 2009)

Flashback: 6/25 newspurge // history/mystery: did allen dulles draft kennedy assassination directive in a covert mj12 coup? // reports of walter cronkites illness are exaggerated, says assistant // watergate break-in conspirator bernard barker worked for the mafia, author says // video: jfk, executive order 11110 & the warren commission // american colleges & the nazis // north carolina apologizes for sterilizations // another look inside nixon’s presidency // nixon supported abortion … for interracial babies // nixon, on tape, predicted an american holocaust & blamed it on a jewish ‘death wish’ // washington man found guilty of stealing hitler’s bookmark // ww3? british release secret planning manual / 35,000 yr old flute the ‘oldest musical instrument’ ever found // ceremony of neglect: medical procedures at jonestown // US officials leaked false story blaming iran for khobar attack // media/memes: ‘insane’ file-sharing verdict could challenge law’s constitutionality // single-mother digital pirate jammie thomas-rasset must pay $80k per song // this just in: fake news sites are great! // murder/mayhem: mia/rosemary’s brother, peter farrow, commits suicide w/ carradine connections // video: jon stewart on the museum shooting aftermath // 4-story building collapses in brooklyn // crash in maryland kills couple watching street race // 5.4 quake shakes anchorage; damage appears light // high school football coach shot dead at school gym in iowa // 6yr-olds trigger emergency response with toy nuclear reactor in germany // fbi arrests white supremacist blogger hal turner for threatening to kill federal judges // exorcism left dead boy on a cross // flight 447 pilot’s body retrieved (Jun. 25, 3009)

Flashback: geopolitiks: lynch mobs, documents & independence day // pentagon deploys experimental missile shield to hawaii // pentagon deploys experimental missile shield to hawaiiplanned north korea launch unnerves hawaii residents // obama: US prepared for any north korean threat // pentagon dismisses as ‘silliness’ north korea threat to wipe out US // north korea threatens ‘shower of nuclear retaliation’ // critics attack censorship as redactions black out uk documents // ‘lynch mob mentality’ scares uk politicians // mossad chief’s term to be extended by one year // can 3rd temple be built without destroying dome of the rock? // ‘barrel monster’ gains following, from north carolina to south korea // deadliest strike yet in pakistan drone war // video: killer mccrystal issues orders to protect afghani civilians // deadly pakistan drone strike provokes … silence? // videos: tens of thousands of chinese fight the police in shishou // china blocks google services for an hour // saddam bluffed about wmd fearing iranian arsenal, secret fbi files show // declassified docs reveal saddam wanted alliance with US (Jun. 25, 2009)

Flashback: iran destabilization 2.0: vote fraud, black ops & a color revolution // destabilization 2.0: soros, cia, mossad & the new media destabilization of iran // are the iranian protests another US orchestrated ‘color revolution’? // israeli effort to destabilize iran via twitter? // kissinger calls for iran attack if color revolution fails // color revolution in iran? // iran claims it has arrested mko agents fomenting riots // survey raises questions about iran vote results // cia bribed iranian government officials, businessmen, reporters & paid iranians to demonstrate in the streets // video: brzezinski discusses ‘intelligent manipulation’ in iran // brzezinski says US has intel agents working in iran // video: ex-cia scheuer says ‘obama managed to keep his big mouth shut while israelis killed 1500 people in gaza’ // iran starts airforce manoeuvres in gulf // nokia, siemens help iran spy on internet users // video: how western media backs green revolution in iran // western stooge pahlavi positioning himself to take power in iran // mossad/taliban whistleblower killed in pakistan // iran: endgame or ‘end of the beginning’? // video: new protests in iran: security forces ‘beat people like animals’ // obama claims cia involvement in iran ‘patently false’ // iranian interior minister: western intel behind riots & unrest // US contacted iran’s ayatollah before election // google maps track iran protests // iran: ballots exceeded voters by millions // no major irregularities in iran’s election // iran divided & the ‘october surprise’ // vieo: ex-cia baer says mousavi is going to be as tough on the US as ahmadinejad // chavez sees cia hand in iran unrest (Jun. 25, 2009)

Flashback: man killed in dc metro crash ordered jets above capitol on 9/11 // ‘anomalies’ discovered in metro track control circuit // metro transit crash: invisible hand on the throttle – computer failure may have caused dc train crash // train in washington crash was to be replaced 13yrs back // ntsb member: metro didn’t reinforce older cars as recommended // Flashback: // ntsb: subway cars in deadly crash should’ve been replaced // remember that ardent sentry features “multiple events in Iowa and Kansas including simulated train derailments and foreign animal disease.” (Jun. 25, 2009)

Flashback: 9/11 updates: drills, destruction, evidence & funding // saudi royals funded 9/11: lawyers // saudi royals funded 9/11: lawyers29 engineers: only explosives can explain wtc destruction // former 9/11 commission staffer responds to new military exercises revelations // call for public inquiry into 7/7 from former head of counter-terrorism // ‘if i didn’t confess to 7/7 bombings mi5 officers would rape my wife,’ claims torture victim // american airlines exposes bush’s big lie: flight 11 didn’t fly on 9/11 // cia agent: ‘govt officials like cheney are not to be trusted // when they assert something without the support of incontrovertible evidence’ // audio: interview w/ peter dale scott part1 & part2 // 9/11 fema videographer at ground zero goes public // ‘triple cross’ or inside job? // video: ny senators introduce 9/11 health act (Jun. 25, 2009)

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#PumpUpThaVolume: Boulevards – “My Baby’s Gone” (Audio)