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#MorningMonarchy: August 28, 2019

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#MorningMonarchy: August 28, 2019Pharma fines, fluoridated IQs and killer tacos + this day in history w/the DNC riots and our song of the day by Valerie June on your Morning Monarchy for August 28, 2019.


App used to book GP appointments now facing millions in fines for selling patient data

Amgen to buy Celgene psoriasis drug Otezla for $13.4 billion

Hershey's C7 Ventures makes 2 sweet investments: Fulfil and Blue Stripes Cacao Shop

California sails toward biggest salmon harvest in years

Crows Get Higher Cholesterol From Eating Our Cheeseburgers

More Wildfires Are Burning In Angola & Congo Than Brazil

Sceptics called his methods witchcraft, so why do farmers still follow this biodynamic pioneer?

A Missouri farmer has died by apparent suicide, just weeks before he was to report to federal prison to serve a 10-year term for running the largest organic food fraud scheme in U.S. history.

Researchers are creepily close to predicting when you’re going to die

The bill could add up quickly for Johnson & Johnson if the pharmaceutical company continues to roll the dice in court, experts said.

Here's how the Johnson and Johnson stock could move after its opioid case ruling (Audio)

Prescription Infant Formulas Found To Be Contaminated With Aluminum

Study Links Fluoridated Water During Pregnancy to Lower IQs

Higher fluoride levels during pregnancy may be linked with lower IQ scores in kids (Audio)

Nestlé plan to take 1.1m gallons of water a day from natural springs sparks outcry



This Startup Created a Marijuana Breathalyzer

California pot taxes tick up but miss initial projections

Air Force veteran denied gun over medical marijuana used to combat PTSD

Officials seize marijuana mixed with jalapeño peppers

Psychedelic Drugs Are Finally Being Used to Treat Depression in US Hospitals

Altria and Philip Morris Consider Reuniting to Face Post-Cigarette Future

Dark chocolate may lower the risk of depression, study finds

Experts say the cannibalism taboo unique to our species and we could 'adapt to human flesh if need be'

The strangers linked by the 'frozen dead guy' of Nederland, Colorado — and a plan to cheat death

Man dies after competing in California taco-eating contest

World Taco Eating Championship canceled after man dies, Grizzlies say (Audio)

#ThisDayInHistory: #August28 w/The police rioted during the Democratic National Convention, beating up anti-war protesters, peaceful demonstrators, innocent bystanders, and members of the press in 1968. (Audio)

+ Slavery Abolition Act 1833, #AugustUprising, #CivilRights march hears #IHaveADream, #Ramstein air show disaster, "Harvester of Sorrow" drops, Charles and #PrincessDiana divorce

Flashback: media monarchy episode138 (Aug. 28, 2009)

Flashback: media monarchy episode137b (Aug. 28, 2009)

Flashback: 4 years after katrina, a mix of progress & inertia (Aug. 28, 2009)

Flashback: epa fails to inform public about weed-killer in drinking water (Aug. 28, 2009)

Flashback: 8/27 binge & purge: suing bayer, UN plans & boycotting big beer // farmers suing german-based bayer cropscience over gm rice // vigil to mark anniversary of bayer cropscience explosion in WV // united nations plans to emerge as the controlling government // boycotting big beer (Aug. 28, 2009)

Flashback: police state int’l: camps, curfews, tasers & a youth spy force // florida mayoral candidate wants 1,000-strong youth spy force // norad to assist security efforts at vancouver 2010 olympics // hr645 & the fema concentration camps // strange similarities between the recent nytimes & economist 'right-wing terrorism threat' articles // uk police might be issued a newer, higher-power taser // man dies in los angeles subway after being tasered three times // marion, alabama riot forces city into curfew // uk police 'steal' valuables from cars in a lesson for drivers // aclu sues dhs over laptop searches (Aug. 28, 2009)

Flashback: obamessiah updates: debts up, polls down & a mass vacation // obama raises 2010 deficit outlook 19% to $1.5t // obama vacations as poll numbers keep falling // obama continues rendition & approves new team to question terror suspects // did barack obama pal around with the cia // new york democrat congressman jerry nadler says obama is 'violating the law' by not investigating bush officials // jon voight: is obama creating a civil war in america // video: tarpley says obama's false flag is waiting in the wings // false flag at dem headquarters in colorado // where is the anti-war movement in the age of obama? // anti-marijuana zealot still employed by obama // cindy sheehan brings anti-war, anti-obama message to martha's vineyard & she says: we have the moral high ground // white house christmas tree will be fir from west virginia (Aug. 28, 2009)

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#PumpUpThaVolume: Valerie June - "Cosmic Dancer" (T. Rex Cover) (Audio)

#MorningMonarchy: August 28, 2019