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#MorningMonarchy: October 24, 2019

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#MorningMonarchy: October 24, 2019Dead doctors, the Tarzan murders and pizza dancing + this day in history w/the capture of the DC Snipers and our song of the day by Machine Head on your Morning Monarchy for October 24, 2019.


Brain Surgeon Who Allegedly Wanted to Create ‘Sexual Families’ to Molest Kids Is Found Dead in Cell

Former neurologist James Kohut found dead in his cell Sunday morning (Audio)

Child sexual #abuse charge was dropped for this #Marine #colonel. Now the alleged victim’s family is calling to remove appeals process

Where in the world is Ghislaine Maxwell and Jean-Luc Brunel? 👀🌎✈🛸🏖 #JeffreyEpstein's inner circle #GhislaineMaxwell and #JeanLucBrunel traced to #Brazil

🚨🚨 New Epstein files! 🚨🚨 FBI Records: The Vault

"A manager at Walt Disney World has been arrested on a child pornography charge, according to the Polk County Sheriff's Office. Deputies said Brett Kinney, 40, admitted to being addicted to child porn after authorities showed up at his home"

Over a Dozen Victims Come Forward, Say On-Duty Cop Kidnapped and Raped Them

Barclays exec says he killed wife after she mocked his erectile dysfunction

'Tarzan' actor Ron Ely's wife killed; son shot by deputies

Wife of ‘Tarzan’ Actor Ron Ely Stabbed to Death at Home (Audio)

'Failure:' Mexico admits bungled arrest of kingpin's son after mayhem

Former Nazi guard, 93, to stand trial in Germany over thousands of camp murders

Police say 39 bodies found in lorry container in Essex - driver has been arrested

Detectives across US grill serial killer, close cold cases

'It's all a game, we're in the #Matrix': Parents of #Utah #tech #CEO found dead inside her car in #SanJose after five day search reveal their daughter's last phone call and say she suffered a 'manic episode' before vanishing

CEO shot in uptown Charlotte has died, cops say. Jailed teen charged with murder

Fort Worth officer who fatally shot woman in her home resigns

Dallas police investigate death of witness in ex-cop's trial

El Paso mass shooting suspect pleads not guilty in 22 deaths

Sandy Hook Father Awarded $ 450,000 After Suing Conspiracy Theorist

Father claims adopted daughter was really an adult with dwarfism who tried to kill his family

Officials close store after Zombie mannequin makes fun of mayor

Scariest haunted house in U.S. requires 40-page waiver, doctor’s note, safe word

A woman lived in a van with more than 300 pet rats; now they're getting new homes

Farmhouse family may have been ‘moonies’ or ex moonies, reports say

‘Cult’ hid six children for eight years

First pictures of dad behind ‘cult’ family locked in Dutch farmhouse for nine years

Scientology’s 40 years of conflict with the City of Clearwater, recapped

Scientology members have quietly spent millions in a land grab to ‘take control’ of Clearwater, Fla.: report

WeWork Founder Neumann Integrated Jewish Mysticism Into Business

Sovereign citizen cases cause 'quagmire' in courts

10/21/19: How many countries are experiencing riots? Catalonia, Chile, Hong Kong, Lebanon, where else? All use a common denominator mask!

Homicides in the US Fall for Second Year as Murder Rate Drops in 38 States

U.S. Naval Academy blocks the Satan Temple from coming on campus

Aurora’s Iconic Lincoln Masonic Temple Burns Down

How organ and tissue donation companies worked their way into the county morgue

Nodosaur, The Dinosaur Mummy Found With Its Skin And Guts Intact

Naruhito: Japan's emperor proclaims enthronement in ancient ceremony

Red Dawn 2020?

Jokers Wilding

Tom Cruise And Scientologist Son Connor Make Rare Public Appearance Together In London

The 'Home Alone' star made an appearance at @Lizzo's show in LA

Watch Macaulay Culkin Dance With Lizzo On Stage (Audio)

#NewWorldNextWeek: Army Investigates Blink-182 Frontman's Alien Tech

#ThisDayInHistory: #October24 w/Police arrest spree killers John Allen Muhammad and Lee Boyd Malvo, ending the Beltway sniper attacks in the area around Washington, D.C. in 2002. (Audio)

+ #Houdini's last show, #BlackThursday, @UN Charter into effect, #WaltDisney rats out commies in his corp, N. #Rhodesia goes indie, #Gladio revealed, #BloodyFriday

Flashback: Obama Declares Swine Flu National Emergency // 10/27 updates: obama declares swine flu a national emergency // obama’s h1n1 emergency declaration: is martial law unfolding? // obama declares swine flu a national emergency // emergency declaration could invoke fema response to pandemic // another government 'emergency' // swine flu scam reaches new heights with obama’s emergency declaration // swine flu emergency! what does that mean? // mandatory h1n1 vaccine for ny health workers suspended // canadians wary of swine flu vaccine // more than half of chinese don't want swine flu shot: poll // flu pandemic could overwhelm internet capacity, gao warns // 1st daughters not vaccinated against h1n1 // video: ron paul questions why obama kids hadn't vaccinated

10/29 updates: smashing pumpkins' billy corgan on swine flu propaganda // obama launches deceptive swine flu propaganda blitz // possible deaths from h1n1 vaccine reported in sweden // irish boy rushed to hospital after swine flu jab // video: blunt needles for swine flu vaccine // ny gov paterson declares a state emergency to deal with the swine flu // national security, one microbe at a time // attempted murder of six harvard microbiologists // breakthrough doc 'house of numbers' challenges conventional thinking on aids // US govt report recommends blocking popular websites during pandemic flu outbreak // obama's kids got their shot last week // video: mass vax begins in quebec

as long as we're here, let's add envirohealth updates: intl day of climate change brought to you by the rockefellers // viral video heats up global warming debate // video: is obama poised to cede US sovereignty? // death by treaty: lord monckton on 'the crisis of copenhagen' // audio: corbett report interview w/ lord monckton // are people reacting to hand sanitizers? // ‘little mermaid' girl dies at age 10 // video: reid supports health care public option // study suggests insecticide causes lupus & arthritis // no men or women needed: artificial sperm & eggs created // south korean cloning scientist convicted // getting enough sleep? they aren't in west virginia (Oct. 24, 2009)

+ #BobKane, #BigBopper, #KrayBrothers, #BillWyman, #FMurrayAbraham, #TedTempleman, #KevinKline, @SenJeffMerkley, @LauraVeirs, #TilaTequila, #Drake, #PewDiePie birthdays

#PumpUpThaVolume: Machine Head (@MfnH) - "Do Or Die" (Audio)

#MorningMonarchy: October 24, 2019