#MorningMonarchy: October 30, 2019

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#MorningMonarchy: October 30, 2019Calling wildfire, going smokeless and catching diseases + this day in history w/fake war of the worlds news and our song of the day by The Matadors on your Morning Monarchy for October 30, 2019.


Important follow up to Monday’s baseball news on the twins ⚾️ ( . )__( . ) ⚾️

California nightmare: Insult to injury as fires and power cuts turn Golden State into dystopia

California Faces Huge Power Cuts, Blackouts Are Part of A Far Bigger Problem (Audio)

Utility says power lines may have started 2 California fires

After Largest #OilSpill in Brazil History, Govt Sends 5000 Troops- Not to Help With Cleanup, But to Deal with People Protesting Govt Inaction.

Pediatrics Industry to🇺🇸Parents: Is Your Kid #HyperActive, #Depressed? Give Her Addictive Drugs! Is Your Kid Dangerously #Overweight? No Problem! Just Pay Us to Remove Most of Her Stomach! Treat the Symptoms & Go Back to Sleep Mom & Dad!🤑💰

5 Year Study Confirms #FunctionalMedicine Yields Better Results than the conventional allopathic ‘sick care’ System

Study of the week: Mushrooms, prostate cancer, Japan—Gastro-patriotism!

Greta Thunberg Mural Vandalized Days After Appearing: “This Is Oil Country”

A new species of miniature beetle has been named after @GretaThunberg, in recognition of her advocacy for climate action and protecting the natural world 🌍🐞

Bugs may the protein of the future that can help save the planet

Nostalgic brandy: An Iranian ex-pat in Canada tries to resurrect his homeland’s alcohol culture with triple-distilled Arak _ a nod to a vibrant Persian era long before Islamical clerical rulers banned the consumption of alcohol.

The investigations unit of India’s Competition Commission has concluded that Anheuser-Busch InBev, Carlsberg and United Breweries colluded to fix beer prices

Snus Can Save People From Cigarettes. Just Ask Sweden.

CBS 60 minutes – Going Smokeless with Snus (Audio)

Fake News about Fake Meat: 52% of Americans Prefer the Taste of Vegan Protein, Says New Study

Major Journal Warns Calling Breastfeeding “Natural” Will Discourage Vaccine and Formula Use; Orwell Spins In His Grave

Outbreak of Legionnaires’ Disease at N. Carolina State Fair Kills 4, Sickens More Than 100

Deadly Legionnaires’ outbreak in North Carolina (Audio)

#ThisDayInHistory: #October30 w/Orson Welles broadcasts his radio play of H. G. Wells’s ‘The War of the Worlds’ in 1938, causing anxiety in some of the audience in the United States (Audio)

+ #NatTurner captured, #GATT founded, #Eisenhower approves more nukes, #OperationPopeye weather mod brings torrential rains to #Vietnam, ‘#Faith’ LP, #Greysteel shooting, #Bucharest fire

Flashback: media monarchy episode147 (Oct. 30, 2009)

Flashback: interview w/ albert lanier on secret societies & the media (Oct. 30, 2009)

Flashback: warwhores: ‘left’ in charge of the ‘right’ war(s) // obama witnesses return of afghanistan war dead //video: afghanistan looks increasingly like vietnam for US // report: 40,000 more troops for afghanistan ‘remains on the table’ // morale dips for american marines in afghanistan // helicopter crashes kill 14 americans in afghanistan // deadly day in afghanistan: 3 copters crash, 14 US lives lost // video: multiple bombings kill 8 US troops in afghanistan // civilians killed in afghan blast // US tested 2 afghan scenarios in war game // obama to meet with joint chiefs on afghanistan // obama holds crisis meeting on afghanistan // as if that isn’t enough: strong quake rattles afghanistan, pakistan // obama signs defense policy bill // obama to sign military budget bill // obama signs law blocking release of torture photos // video: mentally-ill soldier + suicide = not recognized by obama // US military suffers another non-combat loss in iraq // 9 missing after coast guard jet hits helicopter in cali // video: blackwater & other contractors meet at ‘peace’ conference // hillary’s blackwater connection // US must plan for nuke wars // sikh gets rare permission to wear turban, beard in US army // bush family political heir is shipping off to war // video: fox news recruiting for US military (Oct. 30, 2009)

police state intl: political activism as ‘domestic extremism’ // audio: uk police define political activism as ‘domestic extremism’ // uk council bans parents from play areas // the raid that rocked the met: why gun & drugs op on 6,717 safety deposit boxes could cost uk taxpayers a fortune // 2 men are charged by US with plotting terrorism attack // ‘pacific horizon’ war training on a california beach // nypd to shake up streets with siren-sound device // houston police begins creative crackdown: dressing up like homeless // video: 4 utah teens cited for mcdonald’s drive-thru rap // checkpoints aimed at stopping terrorist threat // tsa, fbi & cops turn virginia bridge into constitution-free zone (Oct. 30, 2009)

Flashback: 10/29 newspurge: mystery, media/memes & mayhem // history/mystery: how a girl’s stark words got lost in the polanski spectacle // video: ‘make mine freedom’ – 1948 cold war cartoon // castro sister ‘spied for cia’ // the lost jfk tapes: the assassination on nat geo in nov // lies about lockerbie, 9/11 & terrorism // video: world’s largest pyramid discovered in lost mayan city

media/memes: duping liberals the way fox dupes moderates, pacifica’s amy goodman promotes cia mind control torturer robert jay lifton

murder/mayhem: polanski’s victim asks court to dismiss charge // polanski rape victim asks court to drop charges // mystery death: mac tonnies, 34 // US pilots lose licence after being lost on flight // video: outrage as terrorist game lets players massacre civilians // detroit mosque leader killed in fbi raids // US synagogue shooting prompts jewish community alert // suspect still at large in north hollywood synagogue shooting // charged with murder, son who stabbed house raider // shocking gang rape took place at california school dance // 2 10yr-old uk boys arrested for alleged rape of girl aged 8 // video: shots fired at lou dobbs’ home (Oct. 30, 2009)

Flashback: geopolitiks: inside bombs, payrolls & the daily show of force // video: largest iraq bombing in 2yrs may have been inside job // twin suicide car bombs in baghdad kill 136 // car bomb kills 90 in pakistan as hillary visits // car bomb kills 100 in pakistani city of peshawar // pakistan bomb kills 92 as clinton visits // pakistan moves for maritime body to prevent terror attacks // ex-cia agent robert baer confirms US ties with jundullah // israel wants free warships from germany // amnesty intl says israel ‘cuts palestinian water’ // in israel, a key test of obama’s retooled missile shield // rothschild zionist bolton: israel has a right to pre-emptively strike iran // video: daily show under fire for covering israeli-palestinian conflict // israelis at center of ecstasy drug trade // mystery of the missing iranian scientist // afghan police open fire at demonstration // karzai’s brother said to be on cia payroll: report // afghan opium kingpin on cia payroll // video: author on karzai’s brother: ‘the generals dropped the dime on the spooks’ // new US bases on the black sea // czech pres klaus still holding out over lisbon treaty // new US/eu energy council to be set up early november // brown to ‘buy off’ germany & france to get president blair // blow to blair’s hopes of eu job // US & eu ink extradition pact // church of scientology convicted of fraud in france // alleged intel adviser makes lurid claims about prince albert of monacco // japan shoots down missile in test off hawaii // china says two executed for tibet riots // soros: china will lead new world order (Oct. 30, 2009)

Flashback: defcon 10/29: smart grid, nsa supercenters & surveillance // obama announces stimulus funding for the ‘smart grid’ // obama invests $3.4b in US electricity grid // feds’ smart grid race leaves cybersecurity in the dust // flashback: corbett report: episode103 – the smart grid cometh // cyberattacks: espionage now, sabotage soon // nsa supercenters to store americans’ private data permanently // government to build $1.5b cybersecurity data center // dhs to announce cyber merger // scan of internet uncovers 1000s of vulnerable embedded devices // guardian loses half a million resumes // video: isp removes fake US chamber press release from internet // chamber suing yes men for ‘commercial identity theft’ // nation’s first open source election software released // sec & dhs need web backup, gao says // after net neutrality, will we need ‘google neutrality’? // darpa looks to send the internet into orbit // video: baltic ‘meteorite’ a flaming hoax // mars can wait: nasa should try landing on asteroids first // ares i-x stuck on the pad // ares i-x blasts off on 2nd attempt // pilots who missed airport cite computer distraction // video: new army robot walks like a human // update: internet turns 40 & throws itself a birthday party (Oct. 30, 2009)

Flashback: 10/29 binge & purge: unhappy meals // obama supports the food industrial complex & all we get is a lousy white house garden? // more malnutritious meals: mcdonald’s to quit iceland as big mac costs rise // food will never be so cheap again // junk food as ‘addictive as drugs’ & why (Oct. 30, 2009)

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#PumpUpThaVolume: The Matadors (@TheMatadors) – “Teenage Zombie Sluts” (Audio)