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#MorningMonarchy: December 18, 2019

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#MorningMonarchy: December 18, 2019Penis fish, pizza 911 and pooping on company time + this day in history w/Bears Vs. Spartans and our song of the year by Cherry Glazerr on your Morning Monarchy for December 18, 2019.


Seeking Immediate Information in regards to a kidnapping last night in the vicinity of Eagle Ave and E 156th St. 16 year old Karol Sanchez was walking with her mother when 4 men in a beige sedan forced her into their vehicle and fled the scene. Any info PLEASE 📞 1-800-577-TIPS

No WONDER this shit was trending nationally today, it's fucking fake...

Another hoax: A 16-year-old staged her own kidnapping in the Bronx so she could be with her boyfriend, a Crips gang member. An Amber alert and countless police resources were wasted to try to find the teen. She is not expected to face charges.

Menstrual Cycle on a Chip" Offers a New Window into Female Physiology

Birth control pill shrinks part of brain that controls sex drive

Psychologists who resigned from the NHS’s children's gender-identity service in London warn that health professionals are over-diagnosing gender dysphoria & over-proscribing medical intervention for children.

Thousands of 'penis fish' appear on California beach

Thousands Of ‘Penis-Fish’ Washed Ashore On A California Beach (Audio)

Seattle’s homelessness crisis shows no sign of subsiding. Meanwhile, an agency tasked with tackling the issue spent taxpayer dollars on a strip show.

Oakland Officials Consider Moving City's Homeless Onto A Cruise Ship

Supreme Court won't review Boise's homeless camping ban

Bill to end religious exemptions to vaccines passes Assembly, now moves to NJ Senate

Update: N.J. Senate calls off vote to eliminate religion as reason to skip child vaccines as protestors roar

More current polio cases have been caused by vaccines than the wild virus

Wow. @RobertKennedyJr Gets Mic Cut Off In the Middle of Speaking Out About Vaccine Makers In a Church.

Billions of OxyContin maker’s profits moved overseas and to holding companies, internal audit shows

Hong Kong customs makes its largest seizure of methamphetamine in a decade, says 110 kilograms of ice worth some HK$77 million (US$10 million) originated in Mexico

Hong Kong needs to do more to stop violence, resolve problems

Oregon school closes after 'flu-like symptoms' sicken nearly half of staff


Over 40% of Antibiotics may be Inappropriately Prescribed

Diabetes drug investigated for possible cancer-causing contaminant

Montana health department to enforce temporary flavored e-cigarette ban next week

Bees Love Weed Almost as Much as We Do, Study Finds

The active ingredient in psychedelic mushrooms is called psilocybin -- and a new British study suggests it could safely be used to treat depression when other drugs have failed, offering hope to millions of patients worldwide.

Coming soon, to a theater near you: “Mexican Spring” :: Mexico makes biggest oil discovery in 32 years as ‘500 MILLION barrels found in field’

China Gangs Spreading Rumors to Exploit Pork Crisis, Report Says

Cat Cloning Market to Make Great Impact in Near Future by 2025

BCBS 2019 report: Millennials Will Get Sick and Die Faster Than the Previous Generation

Woman disguises 911 call by ordering pizza (Audio)

B-b-but I thought this was #fakenews? // This 911-pepperoni-pizza tip is a myth (Aug. 23, 2019)

Forever fruitcake: A Michigan family has been passing down a 141-year-old homemade fruitcake as a family heirloom.

Michigan Hunters Donate 58,000 lbs of Meat and $100,000 to Feed 232,000 Hungry People

Citrus standstill: Police say traffic came to a halt after nearly 1,000 grapefruits spilled from a delivery truck onto the Florida Turnpike. It took 3 hours to clean up the mess.

Supermarket Giant Moving Into Massive Manchester, CT Warehouse

Nestlé sells US ice cream business to joint venture in $4B deal

Water restrictions for you, an endless supply for them: How a foreign corporate giant is snapping up 89 BILLION litres of Australia's H20 as the country suffers its worst drought ever

Australian school runs out of water as commercial bottlers harvest local supplies

Newly Published Scientific Paper tears Global Warming and the IPCC to Shreds

Goodbye David Bellamy - Another Voice in the Wilderness is Lost

Inside the mission to create an army of Greta Thunbergs

Greta Thunberg has defended herself in a Twitter spat with German railway service Deutsche Bahn. She said her trains through Germany were 'overcrowded'. The rail firm said she should have mentioned the friendly staff who treated her well in first-class.

FAKE NEWS // GONE WITH THE WIND - Man whose deadly farts ‘can kill mosquitoes hired to create Mosquito Repellent made from his intestinal gas’

BREAKING: Major League Baseball will start testing for opioids and cocaine. Only players who do not cooperate with their treatment plans will be subject to discipline. Marijuana will also be removed from MLB's list of 'drugs of abuse'

The corporate poo patrol is coming after your precious toilet time

Fined For Too Many Toilet Breaks (Nov. 10, 2014) (Audio)

#ThisDayInHistory: #December18 w/The Chicago Bears defeat the Portsmouth Spartans in the first NFL Championship Game in 1932. (Audio)

+ #Mayflower docks, #GodSaveTheTsar, #Nutcracker debut, #Toscanini's 1st record, #ChristmasBombing, #LikeAVirgin #1, #MichaelJackson charged, #ZsaZsaGabor dies

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Flashback: US, Russia begin cyberwar limitation talks (Dec. 18, 2009)

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#PumpUpThaVolume: Cherry Glazerr (@CherryGlazerr) - "That's Not My Real Life" (w/Delicate Steve) (Audio)

#MorningMonarchy: December 18, 2019