#MorningMonarchy: January 7, 2020

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#MorningMonarchy: January 7, 2020Typing biometrics, mystery swarms and bluetooth tampons + this day in history w/Colorado cannibal and our song of the day by Jorge Elbrecht on your Morning Monarchy for January 7, 2020.


Had a great night out w/#TheCavemen and #MICRODOSER, thanks to @SlovenlyRecs and @LostPadreRecs \m/ (Audio)

John McAfee Plans to Tokenize All 535 Members of US Congress

Airbnb Claims Its AI Can Predict Whether Guests Are Psychopaths

This startup just raised $7 million, led by Google, to authenticate people based on their typing style

Frictionless mobile authentication with typing biometrics (Audio)

Parking Meters Across NYC Not Accepting Credit Cards, Were Never Programmed To Work In 2020

Facial recognition 5G-powered glasses, enhanced biometric passports, and Interpol: border updates from Asia

Researchers develop new open-source system to manage and share complex datasets

Google really is listening and recording on apps

California Consumer Privacy Act Is Now in Full Effect

2.4M Email Addresses, User Names, Home Network Info and More Exposed in “Smart Camera” Data Leak

HP Enterprise Stock Slides After WSJ Report Company Was “Overrun” With Chinese Hackers

Part of the NDAA enables the US military and intelligence agencies to actively engage in open information warfare to ‘protect the US presidential elections’ of 2020.

Cops warn mystery swarms of up to 30 drones with 6ft wingspans are spreading across states and could pose a danger to planes – but tell residents NOT to shoot them down

Mystery Drones Fly Over Colorado And Nebraska: Who’s Controlling Them? (Audio)

Pentagon Seeking Partners in Developing AI-Controlled Drone Swarms

US proposes remote ID requirement for drones

SpaceX Looks to Launch 60 More Starlink Satellites Next Week Bringing Total to 180

Armed civilians celebrate New Year’s by shooting out cameras

Cashless, cardless economy changing wallet design — or dispensing of one altogether

Cache issue” causes Xiaomi cameras to show other people’s camera feeds

Kohler mistakenly thinks we want a smart bathroom

the final frontier for hackers: inside your body // This Bluetooth Tampon Is the Smartest Thing You Can Put In Your Vagina

The Bluetooth Tampon Exists, What should it be talking to you about? (May 19, 2016) (Audio)

#ThisDayInHistory: #January7 w/Alferd Packer, another murderer from the military, is paroled near Columbine in 1901 as the “Colorado Cannibal” (Audio)

+ 1st US presidential selection, Gershwin finishes #RhapsodyInBlue, #InnerSanctum debuts, #MarianAnderson plays The Met, #MarkEssex shooter spree, #PolPot overthrown, @BillClinton’s impeachment trial, #CharlieHebdo shooters

Flashback: 1/7 newspurge: so this is the new year? // 9/11 updates: the deep state does not respond to foia requests // video: giuliani says ‘we had no domestic attacks under bush’ // 2 more world trade center victims identified

biowars/envirohealth: obama orders US govt to begin preparing for biological attack // whole foods ceo denies climate change // use of potentially harmful chemicals kept secret under law // 2.4m pounds of plastic pollution enter world’s oceans every hour // cia revives data-sharing program with enviro scientists // time to ban mountaintop mining due to externalized costs

drugwar: peter dale scott on obama & afghanistan: america’s drug-corrupted war // how to buy marijuana legally in california

econocrash: antitrust? US to review comcast/nbc deal // goldman’s offshore deals deepened global financial crisis // US losing century-old businesses // ron paul’s ideas no longer fringe // personal bankruptcy filings rising fast // living on nothing but food stamps // job satisfaction in US at record low // ny wal-mart & h&m’s destroy clothing instead of donating // warnings of massive dollar collapse // aig beats out united airlines as most hated company in US // in portland, most funds for minority businesses go to…white men // employment drops by 85,000 // US jobless rate stays at 10% in december // video: economics101: catherine austin fitts – shunning the banksters

geopolitiks: afghanistan suicide bomber may have been helped by cia informant // cia attacker driven in from pakistan // iran denies entry to sen. kerry // tehran plans major military exercise // under-reported: civilian death toll in iraq war // US refuses afghan govt demands for arrest of US ‘death squad’ who cuffed & killed 8 kids // US forges alliance with saddam officers to fight al-qaeda // israeli military officers cancel trip to uk over possible war crimes arrests // audio satire: prince charles brutally seizes british crown

history/mystery: the wealthiest head of the cia & control of media // vatican reveals secret archives // video: george bernard shaw defends hitler, mass murder

media/memes: flashback: body of lies & the cia’s involvement with US film // ‘sherlock holmes’ & the ripper killings // sherlock holmes: the movie & our illuminati ‘new age religion’ // is ‘avatar’ radical environmental propaganda? // video: lost ‘pinky & the brain’ episode: ‘t.h.e.y.’ secret societies that rule the world // the fbi war on tupac shakur & radical blacks // polanski lawyer asks court to sentence him in absentia // kfc ad: placate threatening black people with fried chicken

murder/mayhem: 2 federal agents shot in las vegas // 66yr-old johnny lee wicks id’ed in vegas shooting // cell phone video captures vegas shootout // ‘born rich’ casey johnson’s suspicious death // 4 dead in california chopper crash // loudoun cty year in review: ‘crime spree’ ends in violent beating death of william bennett // US carried out 52 executions in 2009 // st louis factory worker opens fire, killing at least 3 (at abb group, the company rumsfeld helped sell nukes to north korea) // aspiring michigan model found burned in miami trash bin

obamessiah: white house press corps warned about asking certain questions // north dakota dem senator dorgan announces he won’t run again // connecticut dem senator christopher dodd won’t seek reelection // 3rd uninvited guest discovered at nov state dinner // c-span health negotiations pre-empted // video: daily show slams obama for not keeping campaign promises // video: obama promised to televise healthcare negotiations

police state int’l: times square a police state on new year’s eve // couple arrested for homeschooling in new york // district of criminals: prisoners used to shovel snow-bound dc // pew research center: 2000s rate as worst decade in 50yrs // new laws went into effect on new year’s day // video: new year, new laws

warwhores: afghan death toll more than doubles in 2009 // 1st month without a single US combat death in iraq // nat’l guard says ‘always place mission first,’ not constitution // northrop grumman moving hq from la to dc // as afghan war escalates, military expert predicts 300-500 US troops killed or wounded per month (Jan. 7, 2010)

Flashback: defcon 1/6: new zealand, skype, surveillance & planets // new zealand’s cyber spies win new powers // nasa’s kepler probe finds 5 strange new planets // facebook app maker hit with data-breach class action // pentagon computer-network defense command delayed by congressional concerns // a decade’s worth of ipv4 addresses // canada says ‘no’ to yes men website // yes, in fact i do take credit!: the square adds card functionality to the iphone // integrating skype into the family tv: net-connected mic & cam in every living room (Jan. 7, 2010)

Flashback: 2 questioned as jet returns to Portland after ‘low-level’ problem // the tsa is on a roll & now it’s getting close to home … the terronoia is spreading like a contagion (Jan. 7, 2010)

Flashback: new world next week #13 – jan7 // Story#1: China Enjoys Burst of Net Freedom as Firewall Falls // Story#2: Monsanto Named ‘Company of the Year’ by Forbes // Story#3: Flight 253 Updates: Patsies, Privacy, Lockdowns (Jan. 7, 2010)

Flashback: Another melamine-tainted milk scandal in China (Jan. 7, 2010)

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#PumpUpThaVolume: Jorge Elbrecht (@JorgeElbrecht) – “Finale Voices” (Audio)