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#MorningMonarchy: October 15, 2020

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#MorningMonarchy: October 15, 2020Toppling obelisks, financing Epstein and the Savile show + this day in history w/Göring’s suicide and our song of the day by Van Morrison on your #MorningMonarchy for October 15, 2020.


Local church offers mask-optional sermons

Members of black Delaware church don't recall Biden being 'raised' there

Protesters tear down #Obelisk in US town of #SantaFe

Activists tear down Santa Fe obelisk during Indigenous Peoples’ Day rally

2 arrests made in toppling of Santa Fe obelisk (Audio)

‘Medusa With the Head of Perseus' Will Shame Men Outside NYC Courthouse

#Gilgamesh and #Nephilm mentioned in recently released #Clinton Emails obtained by FOIA request 👿

Roberta McCain, who took to the presidential campaign trail at age 96 on behalf of her son John, dies at 108

New Evidence Implicates CIA in 1971 Attack on Cuba with African Swine Fever Virus

Broadway shows will remain shut down through May 30, 2021

Priest arrested for threesome with dominatrices on altar

Pennsylvania Youth Football Coach Austin Stevens arrested for raping & killing his baby daughter

Ex-Merrillville priest accused of abuse, faking assault is defrocked

Why Did Leon Black Pay Jeffrey Epstein $50 Million?

Wall Street tycoon tied to Jeffrey Epstein — what did he do? (Audio)

Netflix's CEO is defending the movie that has sparked so much controversy on the movie platform

BBC announces drama about Jimmy Savile scandal

BBC announces plans for a TV drama on Jimmy Savile (Audio)

#ThisDayInHistory: #October15 w/High-ranking Nazi leader Hermann Göring dead by suicide in 1946. (Audio)

+ #HLHunley sinks w/inventor onboard, "#FromHell" letter, #AlfredDreyfus is arrested, #MataHari is executed, '#ILoveLucy' debuts, #FORTRAN shared, #BlackPantherParty est., #Gorbachev peace prized

Flashback: Media Monarchy Episode190 (Oct. 15, 2010)

Flashback: Interview w/Barbara Peterson of (Oct. 15, 2010)

+ #Nietzsche, #MarioPuzo, #MichelFoucault, #LindaLavin, #PennyMarshall, #JimPalmer, #ChrisdeBurgh, #CandidaRoyalle, #LarryMiller, #StacyPeralta, #EmerilLagasse, #AlexPaterson of #TheOrb birthdays

#NewWorldNextWeek: Fake Musical "Rebels" Cash in on Orange Man Bad

#PumpUpThaVolume: Van Morrison (@VanMorrison) - "As I Walked Out" (Audio)

#MorningMonarchy: October 15, 2020