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media monarchy episode190

media monarchy episode190"when we pass the blame instead of trying to change - we pass the blame & our lives away" on the 190th episode of media monarchy w/ econocrash, welfare & wal-mart at midnight - portlandia crime haven, dando & danger - the tree man, 10/13 & the chilean 33 + icp - pessimism, rioting americans & hicky actors + all the latest alt media from food world order, cyber/spacewar, new world next week - enemy & limbo music from lemonheads & radiohead and much more...

episode190: download/subscribearchive

media monarchy on the portland radio authoritymedia monarchy is originally broadcast live on the portland radio authority, zero point radio & revere radio network every friday at 10am pacific/11am mountain/1pm eastern...

and a huge thanks to free radio olympia, berkeley liberation radio, ground zero radio, one sky radio & others for rebroadcasting the show...

plus, you can always get podcasts of previous episodes through itunes, radio4all.net & archive.org + hi-quality mp3s suitable for rebroadcast provided by radio23.org ... thank you

live clips of ep190 from ustream.tv

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