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#MorningMonarchy: February 10, 2021

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#MorningMonarchy: February 10, 2021Passport to shame, DNA IPOs and seven years a scam + this day in history w/Tyson’s conviction and our truth music of the day by Claudia Fernety on your #MorningMonarchy for February 10, 2021.


"Dang. Where there reports of Nigerian spinach 'involvement' in the crypto crisis? Vegetables are anti-currency in general -- I know because I've been getting emails...." _ from laurey // Scientists have taught spinach to send emails

Someone tried to poison a Florida city by hacking into the water treatment system, sheriff says

High levels of toxic heavy metals found in some baby foods: report

Study finds childhood diet has lifelong impact

Aunt Jemima Maple Syrup new logo & name! RACISM JUST ENDED!

New Name, Same Great Poison...

Disregard for public health leads to alcohol license suspension

Trader Joe's increases pandemic pay nationwide, while Kroger announces store closings over hazard pay mandates

Global food prices soar to 6-year high, UN agency says

In Case Food Isn’t Expensive Enough, Biden Wants to Redistribute USDA Funds to Fight Climate Change

Is red meat unhealthy?

B.C. farmers and ranchers will be required to ID their livestock by end of 2021

Conclusions: Our analysis suggests that higher consumption of eggs (more than 1 egg/day) was not associated with increased risk of cardiovascular disease, but was associated with a significant reduction in risk of coronary artery disease

Crossing State Lines for a Covid Vaccine

Baker rescinds DOC's offer to shorten sentences of inmates who get COVID-19 vaccine

UN Says COVID-19 Vaccines May Not Work, Says It's 'Concerning News'

501 Deaths + 10,748 Other Injuries Reported Following COVID Vaccine

Switzerland bans AstraZeneca vaccine for ALL citizens

Sweden plans for digital coronavirus "vaccine passport" by summer

Denmark, Sweden to issue digital vaccine ‘passports’ (Audio)

‘PUT ALL THE CHICKEN IN THE BAG’: Restaurant customer turned away for no mask comes back and robs them

'QAnon Shaman' rioter will eat organic food

Bayer makes new $2 billion plan to head off future Roundup cancer claims

A Federal Ban on Making Lethal Viruses Is Lifted (Published 2017) // "Critics say these researchers risk creating a monster germ that could escape the lab and seed a pandemic.", said predictive programmers

Lab Just Made a More Dangerous COVID Virus

Gates now holds largest stake in Canadian Railway


Could a Too-Clean Society Trigger a Rise in Food Allergies?

Should a runny nose be added to the official Covid-19 symptom list?

GE Research awarded $14M to 3D print portable device that produces water out of thin air

23andMe is going public and, yes, Richard Branson is involved

23andMe CEO on going public through a SPAC backed by Virgin Group (Audio)

US Representative Ron Wright dies following COVID-19 diagnosis at 67

Vietnam culls 100,000 poultry as bird flu outbreaks spread

COVID’s Deadly Toll on Youth: A Sharp Rise in Suicides

Ministers plan to take more control over the NHS with laws to block the closure of hospitals and overrule bosses in the biggest health reform for a decade.

NHS hospitals spend £2m on gagging orders preventing staff speaking


When Will Covid Pandemic End? Vaccine Calculator Shows 7 Years at Current Rate

Global Pandemic Could Last 7 Years at Current Covid Vaccination Rates (Audio)

1992 - Star boxer Mike Tyson convicted of rape. (Audio) //

Flashback: 2/10 Binge & Purge: Seeders, Makers, Actions // Secret seeders plant edible veggies for inner-city poor // Raw milk cheesemakers fret over possible new rules // Military steps in to buy up gulf seafood // High sugar prices stimulate Neotame/Nutrasweet take up // Action: Ask HHS to end US water fluoridation program // Natural News launches 24hr streaming talk radio (Feb. 10, 2011)

Flashback: 2/10 Newspurge: It’s a Barnum & Bailey World // 9/11 updates: Surprise! Taliban & al-Qaeda are worlds apart: 'Separating the Taliban from al-Qaeda: The core of success in Afghanistan' // Flashback: Bush rejects Taliban offer to hand bin Laden over // Video: Napolitano warns terror threat 'most heightened' since 9/11

Biowars/envirohealth: Climate scientist sues climate change skeptic for libel // Study: 25% of antidepressants prescribed for no legitimate reason

Drugwar: Pharmacies besieged by addicted thieves // Why can't US legalize drugs? Hillary admits there's "too much money in it"

Econocrash: Deutsche boerse, NYSE & merger talk frenzy // Jet loaded with millions in gold & cash seized by Congolese authorities linked to Texas philanthropist david disiere // Communities exposing wal-mart's deceptive practices // Why did Obama choose outsourcing champ Immelt as jobs advisor? // Audio satire: US takes out debt-consolidation loan

History/mystery: Hitler aide Bormann 'escaped to Latin America' // Confirmed: FBI warned day before OKC bombing // The Octopus conspiracy: One woman's search for her father's killer // Man says ex-CIA agent Posada gave him explosives for hotel bombing

Media/memes: The criminally-infested Stupor Bowl // Under-age sex trade booming at Stupor Bowl // Christina Aguilera fumbles anthem at Stupor Bowl // Video: Chrysler's $9m stupor bowl ad w/Eminem longest, most expensive ever made // Chinese TV shows 'Top Gun' as military drill // Disney looks to the cradle to expand business // Video: AOL & Huffington team up to provide that perfect blend of sanitized news & gossip // With Huffpo sold to AOL, naturalnews invites health authors to join truly independent news network // JD Salinger, enigmatic 'Catcher in the Rye' author, 91 // Tura Satana, 'Faster, Pussycat! kill! kill!' actress, 72 // Kidnap victim John Paul Getty III dies at 54 // Gary Moore, Thin Lizzy guitarist, dies aged 58 // Red, white & blue: the White Stripes break up

Murder/mayhem: Teen pleads guilty in fatal beating of William Bennett // 1st guilty plea in attack that killed Loudoun man, injured wife // Flashback: The death of William Bennett: CIA, contract killers, Kosovo & questions // Twilight language: giffords wants 'toast' // John Skilling, son of ex-Enron boss Jeffrey Skilling, found dead at 20 // Video: Court appearance for suspects in Ohio fraternity shooting delayed // Semen in yogurt linked to Albuquerque grocery store worker // Video: Safeway pharmacy mistakenly gives pregnant woman abortion pill // Video: NY TV executive convicted of beheading wife

Oregon oddities: Fritz Springmeier writes from prison // Central Oregon airspace considered for drone testing, but private pilots worried

WV worry: WV residents win 1st round in chemical case: Judge says Bayer can't produce toxic chemical in WV // GOP takes aim at 'Obama agenda' backers for 2012 // Strange odor reported by WV/MD officials along state border // Investigating reports of several dead horses at greenbrier farm (Feb. 10, 2011)

Flashback: 2/10 Defcon: Harsh Sentences, Trojan Horse, Hotfile // Hackers hit NASDAQ computers // Hypnosis by LCD becoming increasingly rampant // Pole shift threatens to cause weather chaos // Child porn prosecutions & harsh sentences rising dramatically // FCC net neutrality is a regulatory 'trojan horse,' EFF says // Motion Picture Association sues for direct copyright infringement & theft 'on a staggering scale' // Twitter valued at $10b as Google, Facebook & the social network sharks circle; will they be the latest sellout? (Feb. 10, 2011)

Flashback: 1908 Tunguska Blast: ‘The Biggest Inter-Dimensional Cross Rip’? (Feb. 10, 2011)

Flashback: Death of the Phoenix: Final Act for US? (Feb. 10, 2011)

Flashback: ‘Patriot Act’ Extensions Down, But Not Out // 'Patriot Act' extension to be brought up again next week? // Related Police State Updates: Video: New border-security plan coming soon from DHS // Video: Naomi Klein's TED talk - 'We are addicted to risk' (Feb. 10, 2011)

Flashback: Generation Net: Do Youngsters Prefer Virtual Lives to Real World? (Feb. 10, 2011)

Flashback: Bad Food Makes Kids Dumber, Study Says (Feb. 10, 2011)

Flashback: Scientology Under Attack from Journalists, Celebrities & ex-Members // Related Updates: Audio: The church of Scientology, fact-checked // Tom cruise, Scientology under FBI investigation for free labor // Scientology responds to Paul Haggis interview // John Travolta, the healer? // Scientology fires second salvo against The New Yorker // 9 celebrities who hated Scientology before it was cool // ‘Inside Scientology: the story of America's most secretive religion': Houghton-Mifflin-Harcourt to publish 'first complete account' of Scientology (Feb. 10, 2011)

#PumpUpThaVolume/#TruthMusic: Claudia Fernety (#ClaudiaFernety) - "It's Not Normal" (Audio)

#MorningMonarchy: February 10, 2021