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#MorningMonarchy: October 14, 2021

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#MorningMonarchy: October 14, 2021Pharmacist's brothers, 3d gun printers and no further actions + this day in history w/the Steve Bartman incident and our song of the day by Vital Organ Auction on your #MorningMonarchy for October 14, 2021.


Attorney: COVID vaccines given to family, including small kids

Terrifying video shows an unwitting 16-year old being strangled

1 killed, 14 wounded in shootout at Minnesota bar

Kamala Harris hired child actors for NASA space video

A 21-year-old with 500,000 followers on TikTok is selling loads of human bones

Maryland man charged with killing pharmacist brother & 2 others for ‘poisoning’ people with Covid-19 vaccine

Maryland man allegedly killed pharmacist brother to stop him from giving out COVID vaccine (Audio)

Days after a COVID diagnosis, one man came to believe a religious rapture was imminent. His case offers a clue to how the virus affects the brain.

Court rules: Jews can pray on Temple Mount

Actor killed on stage at Moscow’s iconic Bolshoi Theatre was ‘tired’ of work & wanted to quit a ‘long time ago,’ reports claim

Claudia Webbe MP found guilty of harassment

3 USPS workers, including suspect, dead after shooting at Memphis

Woman Missing for 2 Weeks, Found Dead in Police Van

Former porn actress 'arrested after dumping her son's corpse in Lidl'

Days After Cops Raid Home, 3D Gun Legend "JStark" Found Dead of "Heart Attack"

JStark, noted 3d gun printer dies of heart attack in police custody (Audio)

Danish national arrested after five people killed and two injured in a bow and arrow attack in Norway

Fort Hood launches effort to address sexual assault, suicide

Horror in Loudoun County Implicates Local and Federal Officials

Father Claims Daughter Was Sexually Assaulted by Male Student In a Skirt In Girl's Restroom

Jeffrey Epstein friend Ghislaine Maxwell teams up with feds in bid to keep proposed jury questionnaire secret in sex crime case

New footage emerges of Maradona on bed with 16yo girl his entourage allegedly had trafficked to Argentina from Cuba

Vatican enjoys diplomatic immunity, European human rights court says, dismissing alleged child-abuse victims

Met Police confirm no further action after Epstein-related reviews

British police will take no further action over allegations made against Prince Andrew

UK police to take no action after Prince Andrew and Jeffrey Epstein review (Audio)

2003 – The Steve Bartman Incident takes place at Wrigley Field in Chicago, Illinois. (Audio) //

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#PumpUpThaVolume/#TruthMusic: Vital Organ Auction - "Civilizing Force" (Audio)

#MorningMonarchy: October 14, 2021