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#MorningMonarchy: March 17, 2022

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#MorningMonarchy: March 17, 2022Golf teams crash, you probably deserve to die and new details emerge + this day in history w/the Night Stalker's debut and our song of the day by Fake-iD on your #MorningMonarchy for March 17, 2022.


Ahead of an electric motorcycle, Kawasaki shows off an electric goat robot with a human rider

‘Mummified’ body found inside wall at Oakland’s Kaiser Convention Center //

Scientists May Have Discovered a New Species on the Endurance Shipwreck

Dr. Rachel Levine named among Women of the Year by USA Today

2 Employees Stabbed At Museum Of Modern Art By Man Denied Entry

Museum of Modern Art stabbing suspect arrested in Philadelphia

Woman stabs date to avenge general Soleimani killed by US

Australian PM unveils logo for the new ‘Women’s Network’ and it looks oddly phallic 🍆 //

American Pastor Who Adopted Haitian Orphans Charged With Child Sex Abuse

4 Disney employees arrested in human trafficking campaign, deputies say

Six West Point spring breakers OD on fentanyl-laced cocaine in Florida

A Crash in Texas Involving New Mexico's University of the Southwest Golf Teams Leaves at Least Nine People Dead

Video: Multiple dead in U. of Southwest golf teams crash (Audio)

Moderna hits the gas as it begins dosing of 2nd HIV vaccine

"Some clients are experiencing bruising and skin lifting with waxing after receiving the COVID-19 vaccination."

Guess who just got their WEF great reset/social credit system app up & running on 3/14/22: Cabinet Approves Procedure For Paying UAH 500 To Those Vaccinated With Booster Dose Against COVID-19 From March 14

Russian model who branded Putin a ‘psychopath’ found dead in suitcase

Body of Russian model, 23, who branded Putin a 'psychopath' is found stashed in suitcase in car boot a year after she went missing as lover confesses to strangling her to death

UFC's Holland uses MMA move to subdue gunman

Video Shows CHP Officers Restrain Man Who Died After Screaming "I Can't Breathe"

Video: Ukraine 24 presenter goes full Nazi, endorses Adolf Eichmann to call for genocide of Russians; "By killing children, they will never grow up and the nation will disappear... and I hope that everyone will contribute and kill at least one Muscovite." (Audio)

Video: Exact same media entities pushing propaganda for new phoney agenda 'If you put on a uniform for Putin, you probably deserve to die' (Audio)

Country Hitmaker Brad Martin Dies at 48; Martin's cause of death has not been disclosed publicly.

David Brenner, Editor on ‘Justice League,’ ‘Independence Day’ and More, Dies at 59

Bolivian soldier who killed Che Guevara dies at age 80

Cult members speak out 25 years after mass suicide of Heaven’s Gate

Tavistock gender identity clinic not safe for children

Teens treated or referred to gender identity clinic are at 5.5 times greater risk for suicide: study

Birthday person Grimes is dating whistleblower Chelsea Manning after Elon Musk split

Grimes says she's split from 'love of her life' Elon Musk again after daughter's birth

Marilyn Manson accuser allegedly threatened with “legal action”; Ashley Walters conveniently "remembered" that Manson abused her at precisely the the time that Manson alleges that Rachel Wood and her girlfriend were enlisting women to file charges against him.

Report: Chris Brown's Rape Accuser Losing Lawyers in Wake of Text Message Findings

Actor’s request for the case to be dropped has been denied; Gérard Depardieu to be investigated after being accused of rape

Alec Baldwin Shoots Down All Claims of Responsibility

3/11/22 Alec Baldwin Set Shooting: New Legal Filing - Court TV

The animated reenactment wasn't even made by a local place, it's LA's #1 personal injury LLP

Image: Mr. Baldwin refused weapons training on how to do a cross-draw, the type of gun-draw he was about to perform in the church.

Video: New details emerge in Alec Baldwin shooting | COURT TV (Audio)

#ThisDayInHistory: 1985 – Serial killer Richard Ramirez, aka the "Night Stalker", begins his five month-long L.A. murder spree. (Audio) //

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#PumpUpThaVolume/#TruthMusic: Fake-iD - "Police State" (Audio)

#MorningMonarchy: March 17, 2022