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#MorningMonarchy: July 27, 2022

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Cash for land, climate inaction and stomach-churning ideas + this day in history w/the Ukraine airshow disaster and our song of the day by Bob Westfall Moonlight Poet on your #MorningMonarchy for July 27, 2022.


Chinese researchers build robot nanny for embryos in artificial womb

Fossil of ‘earliest known predator’ named after David Attenborough

3 circular approaches to reduce demand for critical minerals

Henry Ford’s Hemp Cars

The military made a robot that can eat organisms for fuel

Novavax vaccine contains 1 mcg of insect (the fall armyworm) and baculovirus proteins and a bit of their DNA too, which is injected into you with each dose; And that's before we consider the Matrix-M novel adjuvant it contains

UK Government offers farmers cash incentives to sell their land

World Bank, Gates Foundation, DFID Join Forces to Improve Education Quality Around the World (Jan. 21, 2019)

Video: Just incase you were wondering what Gates was doing in the UK... Well now we have our answer... vaccines and genetic modification for our animals🤯 (Audio)

ESG Funds Are Quietly Buying Oil Stocks; The moral capitulation by the virtue signaling poseurs is officially complete.

Environmental, social, and corporate governance,_social,_and_corporate_governance

Little evidence that chemical imbalance causes depression

Military Program Aims to Build a Pharmacy in (Not on) the Body

Big Pharma Gets Richer as American Taxpayers Foot the Bill, Twice

“Smart Necklace” Monitors Wearers' Health with Their Sweat

Amazon to buy One Medical for $3.9 billion as it expands healthcare footprint

China Approves HIV Drug For COVID Patients

CRISPR gene editing may cause permanent damage - study; Caution from researchers at Tel Aviv University: CRISPR gene editing can damage the genome and might trigger cancer

US President Joe Biden announced to reporters that he has cancer during a climate change event in Massachusetts

Video: Biden: "I and so many other people I grew up with have cancer." (Audio)

Joe Biden Is 'Healthy' And 'Vigorous,' According To Doctor's Report (Dec. 17, 2019)

‘Manipulated’ Alzheimer’s data may have misled research for 16 years; Scandal surrounds 2006 article, keystone of recent dementia work, that critics say is based on ‘shockingly blatant’ evidence tampering //

US science policy: Biden nominates physicist as "scientific advisor"

Arati Prabhakar

Video: @algore compares climate inaction to "failing to walk through the door" in Uvalde.

Image: @Hybrid Cover Art - Gore's 'Super Cereal'

Corporate Carbon Offset Company Accidentally Starts Devastating Wildfire

Why is there a shortage of canning jars and lids? (Apr. 4, 2022) //

Amazon Tells Sellers to Ditch their Mylar Stash Bags

Chipotle permanently closes down Maine store that filed to unionize: ‘We’re calling this union busting 101′

What is titanium dioxide? Skittles lawsuit highlights an ingredient that’s in much more than candy; A lawsuit alleges that the colorful treats include a toxin that is “unfit for human consumption.”

Safety of titanium dioxide nanoparticles in cosmetics (Nov. 2019)

Atmospheric delivery system // 2011 Patent - "Suitable materials include titanium dioxide, sodium chloride, silica and silicon. A highly preferred material is titanium dioxide."

Image: NYT wants to help #NormalizeCannibalism

A Taste for Cannibalism? A spate of recent stomach-churning books, TV shows and films suggests we’ve never looked so delicious — to one another. //



Video: EAT A SWEDE | Official Trailer (Audio)

#ThisDayInHistory: 2002 – A Sukhoi Su-27 fighter crashes during an air show at Lviv, Ukraine killing 77 and injuring more than 500 others, making it the deadliest air show disaster in history. (Audio) //

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