2/10 pop occulture: alleged armageddon, ambassadors, audio assault

psychology of armageddon:
psychology of armageddon: why do americans want jesus to come & end it all?why do americans want jesus
to come back & end it all?

speculation rages on:
ufo battles, the elohim & jerusalem
newborn baby left at the dome of the rock reignites proclamations of signs & wonders at temple mount*
obama names second round of faith-based advisers*
obama reappoints suzan cook, prominent christian pastor, as ‘religious freedom ambassador’ amid controversy*
welsh cult leader ‘had sex with girl’*
7 religious companies (besides chick-fil-a)*
assault suspect claims to be vampire:
evan brown, alleged ‘vampire wannabe,’
sees case headed for grand jury
audio satire: family dog barking at evil*

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