3/25 Newspurge: Greenwash, Guidestones & Oregon Oddities

Green consumers smugness leads to lying & cheating*
Green consumers smugness leads to lying & cheatingUK officials chop down 6,000 trees to stop sex in woods*
Chief Climategate investigator failed to declare eco directorship*
FDA asks why GSK vaccine has a pig virus called ‘porcine circovirus 1’*
Rotarix rotavirus vaccine contaminated, officials say*
Pesticides being engineered to attack specific species of insects*
Minor earthquake hits New York*
3 earthquakes recorded in central Oklahoma*
6.0-magnitude quake rocks Manila*
Update: heavy earthquake hits the Philippines*
Feds recall more than 1m baby slings*
Injection could cure phobias*
Longstanding island dispute solved after disappearing into sea*
What in the world are they spraying?*
Bees in more trouble than ever after bad winter*

California may vote on legalizing marijuana*
Update: Initiative to legalize marijuana qualifies for Nov ballot*

Waiting for the end of the world: Georgia’s 30yr stone mystery*

‘Undercover Boss’ running cover for corporate America*
Disney’s booby test: ‘Pirates’ actresses must have real breasts*
CatholicTV rolls out shows in 3D to attract youth*
Los Angeles band tries to cash in with free monthly album*
US actor Robert Culp, star of 1960s series ‘I Spy’, dies*

Man stabs himself to death at Myrtle Beach airport*
Mohawked man goes on Miami airport assault*
Pope ‘failed to act’ on US sex abuse claims*
Pope faces fresh claims of child sex abuse cover-up*

Oregon oddities:
Allegations 101: update on Zachary Bucharest, PSU provocateur*
Was that an explosion in SE Portland monday night?*
Hugs outlawed at Portland school*
Portland, Oregon Saks Fifth Avenue to close*
Oregon lawsuit claims Boy Scouts coverup of sex abuse – Possible release of ‘perversion files’ in court*
Update: WWII plane wreckage found on Oregon coast; crew remains may exist*

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