7/15 Newspurge: Crash Years

9/11 Updates:
NIST denies access to WTC7 data*
Classified CIA transcript counters Bin Laden terror role*
NASA flight director confirms 9/11 aircraft speed as the ‘elephant in the room’*

Engineered depression to bring in one world currency*
Engineered depression to bring in one world currencyVideo: Trichet stress tests take banking system to edge of abyss*
Obama’s summer of misery & hardship tour hits the road*
6 months until largest tax hikes in US history*
Gap between very rich & other Americans greatest since ’28*
JPMorgan profit leaps nearly 80%*
More & more Americans preparing for social collapse*
Banks taking homes at record pace*
100s of fed agents get Ponzi schemed*
Video: Obama the Wall Street puppet*

Fidel Castro warns nuclear war ‘breaking out very soon’*
US conservatives form new pro-Israel lobby group*
For propaganda to work, it must first be believable: The captured Palestinian missile-launching garbage truck*
Taliban jihad terror monkeys probably not real*
Video: CNN host calls deadly terror bombings ‘helpful’*

Declassified docs show ’60s era senators believed they were misled on Tonkin incident*
Video: JFK conspiracy theorist sues Dallas over arrest*
“Why i’m certain my friend Dr. Kelly was murdered”*
6 police officers charged in Danziger bridge shootings after Katrina*
Restoration of Da Vinci painting ‘Virgin of the Rocks’ reveals hidden details*

Holy Hexes:
Gov. Paterson turns to higher power by wearing red string Kabbalah bracelet to ward off evil*

Video: Package bomb goes off at Houston oil executive’s home*
‘Barefoot Bandit’ nabbed after 2 years as fugitive*

Top Clinton official: Only a terror attack can save Obama*
Obama faces growing credibility crisis*
Bilderberg corporate media mogul wrote Obama speech*
Obama more like Reagan than FDR*
Video: ‘Little Obama’ movie opens in Indonesia*
Governors voice grave concerns on immigration*
WV governor expects to fill Byrd seat by Sunday*
Ex-Clinton fundraiser, Hassan Nemazee, gets 12 years in prison*
Cheney has heart device implanted*
Video: Legal analyst says Bush should have been indicted*

Oregon Oddities:
‘Zombies’ crash on i-84 near in portland:
“Everyone is alive, despite being ‘undead'”

87yr-old Oregon woman killed after taser had only pellet gun*
Portland mayor Sam Adams pledges ban on plastic grocery bags*

Requiem for the antiwar movement by Cindy Sheehan*
46 US warships plus 7,000 US marines on route to Costa Rica?*
IDF officer indicted on charges of sexually harassing 1000s of underage girls*
Google glitch sends Marines calls to Washington man*
2,053 nuclear explosions conducted 1945-1998*

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