9/16 Newspurge: Enemy Gene

US poverty on track to post record gain in 2009*
US poverty on track to post record gain in 2009Record increase of Americans living in poverty*
Doomsday warnings of US apocalypse gain ground*
Soros insider trading case to be reviewed*
Taxpayer-owned GM pays new CEO $9M*
Video: ‘Going out with a bang’ or ‘As above, so below’: Americans using credit cards they can’t pay back*
Tarpley: Labor struggles deliver economic progress*

Ahmadinejad: Iran & Africa want New World Order*
Israel likely to strike iran*
Free the Cuban Five: Imprisoned 12yrs over intel ops*

Video: Nixon plot against DC journalist detailed*
The 1,800-year-old murder mystery: Archaeologists unearth body of young girl buried with her hands tied*
Ernest Withers, MLK photographer, exposed as FBI informant*

Holy hexes:
Pope addresses sex abuse scandal as UK visit begins*
Pope addresses sex abuse scandal as UK visit begins10s of 1000s of tickets for papal visit to UK unsold*
5 arrested in London over threat to pope*

Video: ‘Body Snatchers’ actor Kevin McCarthy dies at 96*
Once-groundbreaking MTV hits new low at VMA’s*

Violent crime declined as gun sales climbed in ’09*
Dead MI6 worker Gareth Williams ‘may have climbed into bag by himself’*
Bag on head, bound dead man in LAX restroom called ‘suicide’*
Relative says spat began Kentucky rampage that killed 6*
Cops: Man shoots doctor, then kills mom, self at Johns Hopkins*
Developing: Officers shoot gunman on Capitol Hill*
Bethany Storro hoax: Acid attack victim confesses injuries were self-inflicted*

Obama picks Skull & Bones/CFR Austan Goolsbee, to head Council of Economic Advisers*
Flashback: This is as good as it gets?*
Reid adds controversial immigration measure to defense bill*
Soros front group exploits teenage celebrity to get out vote for war party*
New terror threat to US: Drunk UK teens brandishing insults*
Voting machine errors highlight urgent need for US database*
3,221 phantom votes found in Tenn; Same locations had uploads day before election*
Tempest in a Tea Party: Reactionary in Libertarian’s clothing*
Video: Christine O’Donnell’s insane anti-masturbation campaign*

Police State Int’l:
Docs show DHS tracks anti-drill groups in MD, PA & WV*
Israeli company targets US dissidents as terrorists*
Law would federalize private guards who protect US govt buildings*
DHS testing iris scanners at US border*
Video: UK top cop warns police cuts may cause disorder*

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