9/2 Newspurge: Oh, The Chaos Is Everywhere

9/11 updates:
‘Intl Center for 9/11 Studies’ secures release of 1000s of photos & videos from NIST*
'Intl Center for 9/11 Studies' secures release of 1000s of photos & videos from NIST911datasets.org to host huge data load*
Did NIST edit WTC7 footage?*
Video: US tries to extradite 9/11 FEMA videographer from Argentina*
Report calls for ‘infiltration’ of 9/11 sites*
Ground zero mosque funding leads to CFR*
Video: The real story on pre-9/11 history*

Offshore oil rig explodes in Gulf of Mexico*
No BP investigation, the senate blocked it*
Tests find sickened family has 50.3 ppm of Corexit’s 2-butoxyethanol in swimming pool*
Golfer starts California wild fire*
Urine-powered fuel cells to offer pee power to people*
US birth rate lowest in history*
IDF to release updated chemical attack treatment handbook*
NY legislators want chickens vaccinated*
Rockefeller depop plans exposed*
In addition to vaccines, Rockefeller Foundation presents anti-fertility gm food for ‘widespread use’*
Video: ‘Vaccine Zombie’ from Natural News*

Meet the only new bank to open this year*
Meet the only new bank to open this yearDeath of cash? Govts banning large cash transactions*
Mexico targets laundering with plan to limit cash transactions*
Geithner meets with corporate bloggers*
Analyst: Citigroup is cooking the books*
Record number in government anti-poverty programs*
homelessness up 50% in nyc*
‘Conspiracies of Rich Men’ to rob you, enslave you & wage aggressive wars at your expense*
Video: ‘Inside Job’ trailer*

Dead codebreaker was linked to NSA intercept case*
More on London spy murder*
Self-described CIA assassin dies in gun accident*
Mystery over Russian general found dead on Turkish beach*
18 nations wrap up mock terror exercise in Panama canal*
What’s next after arrest of Mexican kingpin la barbie?*

Holy Hexes:
God didn’t create universe, Stephen Hawking argues*
Poll: Muslims have highest Obama approval; Mormons lowest*
Obama not worried about Muslim rumors*
Author: More teens becoming ‘fake’ christians*
Feds investigate fire at site of future Tennessee mosque*
Video: arson at Murfreesboro, TN mosque construction site*
Tear gas sprayed outside funeral that Westboro Church was protesting*
New documentary ‘Scientology: the truth about a lie’*
Video: Satanists book OKC civic center for ritual*

Does conspiracy extend to musical scale?*
Unplug the signal: the truth will not be televised*
John Cusack calls for ‘satanic death’ of Fox News, GOP leaders*
Will ‘Machete’ release spark racial violence?*

Oregon Oddities:
Oregon couple plead not guilty in faith-healing death of son*
Audio: Homeless man calls 9-1-1 from hot tub to say “I just need a hug & a warm cup of hot chocolate”*

WV Worry:
Lenders back off of environmental risks*
West Virginia’s tech workers fight state outsourcing*

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