Asteroid 2012 DA14 Close Approach Feb 15

Don Yeomans, NASA manager of Near Earth Object Office, reassures in two minute video that asteroid DA 14 will not hit earth or even a satellite. 2012 DA 14 will pass Earth at a distance of 17,200 miles, 5,000 miles inside the satellite belt. The asteroid half the size of a football field, is compared, to meteor that caused 1908 Tunguska Blast. You may be able to spot the asteroid with binoculars if you live in Australia or Southeast Asia! There’s nothing to worry about, so no need to kiss good-bye on February 14th!

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  1. SMS Avatar

    we are lucky to have escaped as per the scientists calculations !!! is it the same doom Mayan population was fearing about and the christian dominion discussed about "end"

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