#BedStuy School Allegedly Performed “#Occult” Rituals On Boy

from gothamist.com: A set of parents are suing the Brooklyn Waldorf School for allegedly practicing witchcraft on their kid, after he was suspended last year for “grabbing another boy’s privates.” Emily Hartzell and Leslie Nuchow filed court papers earlier this month claiming that school administrator Walkyria Machado forced their then-6-year-old son to undergo a bizarre, candle-lit ritual called a “Child Circle,” in which a “doctor of anthroposophy” was enlisted to determine whether the child was a “young soul” or an “old soul,” the Post reports. If the latter, he’d be instructed to “eat root vegetables” and “use a cold washcloth,” the suit alleges. As even the greenest occultist knows, “cold” is the most powerful and dangerous washcloth temperature. According to the tabloid, the young victim was unfairly targeted by the school, and his parents maintain that the genital-grabbing incident was an “exaggeration.” The school, for its part, reportedly laughed off the lawsuit, with a spokesman calling it “pathetic,” “fictitious” and “slanderous.” Or was it just a ploy for the Post to use the term “Hex Ed” in its headline?

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