Bloomberg: Police Drones Are Here, Get Used To It!

New York residents reveal their gullibility, when solicited for opinion on police drones in You Tube video that quotes the Mayor, Bloomberg: Police Drones are Here, Get used to it!”  Many reply drones could deter terrorists and make you feel safer! The old refrain gets repeated, “I’ve got nothing to hide.” It’s true, you may be protected from petty criminals if author- ities say a camera was on or a police drone was available?  You won’t be safer from governments, whose propensities lean primarily toward self-preservation, an “us” vs. “them” attitude!   Cameras and Drones are great for managing hordes.  It’s time to get real New York, there’s going to be little concern for individual safety!  You may only get your first fine via camera or drone – if you’re lucky!

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