The All-Seeing Eye

Hollywood Insiders presents Symbols of Satanism Part 1: The All-Seeing Eye.”  The hour long video in six parts “…examines the history and present use of the all-seeing eye. It starts from ancient Egypt, where the all-seeing eye is a symbol of power. Then it movies through recent history of the all- seeing eye and its use by the Illuminati and Satanists. It concludes by reviewing how the all-seeing eye is used is modern media, like movies and tv shows,” informs You Tube summary

Creator Michael Wynn (AKA Ricin) shares his path to making occult documentaries at“I’m also among the few Americans with the benefit of having someone who taught them (or tried) about the Illuminati when they were a child. My grandmother showed me the symbol on the dollar bill, declaring it be the machinations of evil men; I was told why we didn’t go to church on Sunday (because of its connection to Sun Worship). I just didn’t believe her. She spun tales of a single world religion, single world leader, and a conspiracy that seemed too big to possibly hide. I had the whole world telling me one thing, and this little old lady telling me another. Who ya’ gonna believe? (next time you get the chance, believe the little old lady).” It’s an interesting backstory, the little old lady was ahead of the curve!

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