book of aquarius: alchemical revolution

book of aquarius: alchemical revolution

Filmmaker Jay Weidner, who produced Secrets of Alchemy, recommends everyone download Book of Aquarius by Anonymous. Weidner calls the book on Alchemy the best he’s encountered. It must be the writing of a very knowledgeable source, relates Weidner, whose study of Alchemy spans decades. On a recent Jeff Rense program, Weidner announced enthusiastically book may go viral because it shares secret of making a Philosopher’s Stone. Weidner simply states it’s a preparation–a cake–that reverses aging and only skill necessary an ability to cook. The stone was popular in Europe, obtained from a local blacksmith until 1100, when banned by the Church, according to Weidner. From his own study, Weidner labels Book of Aquarius as the real thing and heard rumors for years about possible availability to the public.

Weidner suspects Anonymous is the same notorious hacker group, who oppose the ‘Powers That Be’, and reason book appeared suddenly in March on Forgotten Books. The hype of a valuable cure all and rejuvenator would, understandably, upset those who make a living by treating the sick! Is it just hype? Does the Philosopher’s Stone exist? The present writer will error on side of prudence and download it for free!

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  1. Liz Avatar

    Did you download it. What a crock of shite! The author sounds like an bitter queen that was shunned by all the pretty, glamourous trannies of the alchemical world. Embedded with loads of mind control frequencies too. Meh. Weidner: failing bigtime on this one.

  2. twistedhair Avatar

    ive read a little on tPS. i thought the chapter on tNWO was particularly interesting. there is but one test to prove the truth of it. TIME. —— and yes, liz, there is mind control in everything, every scrap of media, and i bet you practice mind control (or you should be) when you absorb said info. really, it sounds as tho you were not controlling your brain when you encountered the "mind control frequencies", you just turned it off and said to hell with it, and that is the reaction of one who is NOT in control of their mind. i do hope you see my point here. i am guilty of this, too. Now is not the time to be an OAK tree.

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