Christians Chronicled Coast to Coast in ‘American Jesus’

from Religion plays different roles in Americans’ lives, and Spanish director Aram Garriga is out to showcase as many as he can. His documentary American Jesus, produced by Glass Eye Pix and acquired by TDC Entertainment and Gravitas Ventures, will be in select theaters in March and April before arriving on video-on-demand services and DVD May 14.

In the movie, Garriga goes coast to coast to explore how religion has changed in Americans’ lives over the years and showcases the way it plays into various cultures and personalities in a politically divided landscape, from Christian cowboys and bikers to church-going comedians and cage fighters.

Garriga hopes that American Jesus provides “a space for dialogue and understanding, from many different angles, of one of the more complex and influential realities of American society: Christian faith,” the director said in a statement.

My wish is that both Christian and secular viewers can connect to the characters and their human stories, that questions are triggered and debate takes place, resulting in an enriching experience for every spectator, regardless of their own personal involvement in the Christian beliefs.

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