chuck norris: ron paul was right

from infowars: Alex interviews American martial artist, action star and television and film actor Chuck Norris. (part2)

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from infowars: Ron Paul explains why he is against the bailout: “What they are doing is very seriously wrong.”

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    Chuck Norris has recently recanted of his RINO-NEOCON views and joined Ron Paul in ousting congressional corruption–watch his interview on “Alex Jones” show… Also, I’ve just completed his new NY Times best seller (#14), “Black Belt Patriotism.” It is amazing–and cites heavily from Ron Paul and Founders, and fights repeatedly for Constitutional Republic. It is not merely a political book, but Chuck’s cultural manifesto covering issues from economy to the traditional family, historic revisions of our religious heritage, and even his own personal nutrition workout plan. Don’t believe me, check out the professional and people’s reviews at Amazon… I say, if Chuck helps the revolution and he can reach others who Ron Paul can’t, then welcome aboard! Buy his book today–you won’t regret it.

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