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cia to recruit wall street pros, says report

as if the cia & wall st haven't been closely connected for decades...
cia to recruit wall street pros, says reportfrom securities industry: The Central Intelligence Agency is recruiting Wall Street executives – former investment bankers, securities analysts and hedge fund managers – to help catch terrorists, according to a story in the New York Post. The spy agency has advertised for the $160,000 annual salary on Bloomberg Radio, a 24-hour all news radio station. While the same executives may well have been responsible for the current financial crisis, the CIA says they can “use their intelligence for the work of a nation.” The agency say that it needs the executives to track the financial maneuvers of Afghan drug traffickers as well as which economies are more susceptible to manipulation, according to the Post. The interviews are set for June 22 at an undisclosed Manhattan location. The CIA is requesting that resumes be emailed only.

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