dead birds and fish in arkansas

dead birds and fish in arkansas What caused the mass killing of thousands of birds and fish recently in Arkansas? Keith Stephens with the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission offers his opinion, the birds may have been killed by stress from New Year’s fireworks in a local TV interview here. Stephens adds fish usually die from low oxygen levels in the water. The Game and Fish commission rep attempts to laugh off the two bizarre incidents with biblical dark humor just waiting on the locusts“. It seems laughable, the birds would drop dead straight from the sky–due to stress! Two observations are the birds seem primarily to be blackbirds and the fish are drums. How is this selective kill possible? A fisherman points out in a video here that drum fish are unique in their pearls as referred to on the video, but may actually mean their otoliths, which might make the drum fish selectively vulnerable to the Extremely Low Frequency Sound Waves (ELF) of HAARP? The fisherman suggests the area behind the drum fish’s eye, acts like a sounding board. The blackbirds were found in Beebe, AR and the drum fish on the shore of the Arkansas River 125 miles apart! Everyone should be asking, “is it HAARP or a newer form of scalar weaponry?

update: the mystery of dead birds, fish & other weird events

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