Deadline Live Interviews Before It’s News Editor Chris Kitze

Deadline Live Interviews Before It's News Editor Chris Kitze

Jack Blood, Deadline Live host, interviews in second hour of Feb 14th podcast, Chris Kitze of Before It’s News Mega website on passion for news and rogue cop Chris Dorner. Kitze (picture, right) discusses possibility Dorner contacted him through Facebook and suspects most media reports on Dorner are fabricated, e.g., manifesto, written possibly by several people. A moral dilemma is described and considered by Kitze, whether he would turn in Dorner to authorities? Blood (picture, left) reminds listeners entire incident may represent major psyop as Dorner background in military and education reflects military special ops. Would you turn in Dorner and does Waco-style burn-it-to-the-ground end represent extrajudicial killing? You’ll need to listen to get Kitze’s answer! Dorner case proves, again, reality stranger than fiction!

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