Russian Meteor Shower Linked to DA14 Asteroid?

Paul Joseph Watson relates various sources with plethora of videos in Infowars article to get scientific opinions, whether Russian meteor that exploded over Chelyabinsk, early Friday, is related body to Asteroid 2012 DA14. Scientists are split:

“Simon O’Toole, an astronomer at the Australian Astronomical Observatory, thinks that there is unlikely to be a connection. ‘As pointed out elsewhere, DA14 is still half a million kilometres away, travelling at 8km per second, for a start! Could it be part of the asteroid that has broken away and reached earth already? This seems unlikely to me,’ he said.”

Yet, another Australian scientist drops on other side of fence:

“Curtin University asteroid expert Phil Bland told an Australian website, ‘Is it connected to the flyby? A lot of folks would say “no”. Personally, I’ve always kind of liked the idea that there are streams of asteroid debris – so you can have smaller stuff that precede and trail a bigger object. It seems like an awful big coincidence if it’s not connected’.”

Russian meteor still represents unusual occurrence as title of New York Times article reflects, Size of Blast and Number of Injuries Are Seen as Rare for a Rock From Space.” Alex Jones devotes first half of Friday show to Russian incident, expressing belief, due to a stony meteor with trapped gases inside that resulted in explosion.

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