Defcon 3/9: Einstein, CyberShield & Serious Defects

PDF: Comprehensive National Cybersecurity Initiative

Obama's cybersecurity initiative puts NSA in driver's seatObama’s cybersecurity initiative puts NSA in driver’s seat*
Fmr DNI calls for ‘re-engineering’ the internet*
Time’s running out – Einstein’s coming: Cybershield disclosed by White House*
Uncle Cyber Scam wants you*
Cyberczar Schmidt says ‘there is no cyberwar’*
Cyberwar may have same impact as well-placed bomb*
Cybersecurity program has serious defects, GAO says*
Mars Phobos flyby a success*
Pentagon-backed venture aims for ‘Google underground’*
Cyberwar declared as China hunts for the west’s intelligence secrets*
Korean baby dies as parents raise virtual child online*
Global agency reconsiders .xxx for porn sites*
Woman tries to shut down CERN over apocalypse fears*
Internet aids terrorist recruiting & radicalization, Pentagon says*

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