Murder/Mayhem & the Ides of March

Mar7: Gunman killed, officer wounded in Texas Wal-Mart shootout
Mar7: Gunman killed, officer wounded in Texas Wal-Mart shootoutfrom ksla: Police in the Northeast Texas town of Commerce say a suspected gunman has been killed and an off-duty officer injured in a shootout outside the local Walmart store. Commerce Police spokeswoman Marty Cunningham says the incident Sunday began when police received a call of shots being fired from a red Ford Mustang at an intersection near I-30 in the nearby town of Greenville. The suspect then drove onto the highway, driving north to Commerece. Commerce police say the suspect exchanged gunfire with Commerce police just outside the city limits before driving to the Walmart. Cunningham says the suspect entered the store carrying “a long gun and a pistol.” An off-duty Delta County Sheriff’s deputy who was shopping in the story with his wife and baby followed the suspect out of the store, where the suspect was killed.

Mar8: Dallas office building shooting leaves at least 3 injured
Mar8: Dallas office building shooting leaves at least 3 injuredfrom cbs13: A shooting at a 15-story office building in north Dallas on Monday morning left three people injured, CBS station KTVT-TV reports. At a news conference, officials with the Dallas Police Department explained that authorities received a silent 911 call from inside the building and started driving there to investigate. Another 911 call reported shots being fired. The alleged gunman entered Smith Financial Group, a third-floor business that is owned by 63-year-old father Richard Smith and his 39-year-old son, Chris. Both were shot before the suspect retreated and pointed his gun at authorities when they arrived on the scene. Three officers fired an unknown number of shots at the suspect, who then shot himself in the head.

Mar9: Gunman kills 1, injures 2 at Ohio State
from national terror alert: A gunman shot three university employees early Tuesday morning on the Columbus campus of Ohio State University, killing one, Ohio State University Police told NBC News. University police said a suspect was taken into custody after heavily armed campus officers searched the area, just east of Ohio Stadium.

oh wait, he wasn’t taken into custody – he killed himself … nothing to see here, move along

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  1. Zach Avatar

    right down the street from this one, as a student i didnt recieve any information about the events until after the major press releases….but it was pretty much business as usual around campus. They sent out emails to every student but didnt mention anything about they University police apprehending him only said he shot him self aND was wounded, then died on his was to the medical center, literally 2 blocks from the incident….hope to hear more about this…if i hear anything ill contribute.

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