Devil Nurse Fined Over Dead Patient Pictures

Devil Nurse Fined Over Dead Patient Picturesfrom A Swiss nursing home worker has been fined $1500 for posting pictures of herself posing with dead patients. Nicknamed the Devil Nurse by local media, the woman posted the pictured on her Facebook page with comments including “guess if she is asleep or dead” and “I’ll give you a hint, I’m the soul robber.” In other posts, she wrote: “Yeah their time is up. gonna send them to Hell where some belong, the rest in the compost pit for fertilizers hehehe.” Swiss news website The Local reported the nurse responded to Facebook criticism by saying “I can put anything I want in my Facebook.” A Swiss court found her guilty of violating the peace of the dead and breach of trust. In an interview with Blick newspaper in February when the pictures emerged after the nursing home closed, the woman said she did not under why people were upset. She also posted pictures of herself as a “dominitrix”, which she said was her other profession.

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