the devil’s 11

an opinion/analysis by zach bosart on 11/11/11 being a possible catalyst for the week of violence that erupted across the globe
the devil's 11The date was 11/11/11. For believers in numerology, the date held significant meaning and was seen by some as being a day of energy accumulation for the days ahead. It is also seen as a bad omen by some. There were also mass weddings that day, for those who treated the date as a positive force for their future lives together. Rituals planned around the pyramids at Giza had to be turned away by the local authorities, as too many different groups all wanted to conduct their ceremonies at the same time that day. Even children born on the date are given significant media attention. These seemingly paltry and somewhat vague examples of numerical influence upon human behavior are only somewhat noteworthy to perhaps psychologists or social commentators.

However, there were other events that day. Events with a subtle effect upon our consciousness, perhaps altering the events in the days to come. Usually a coincidence is just that and nothing more. However, when they begin to stack upon each other and interconnect, patterns in the seemingly random events can be found. An order hidden in the chaos, as it were.

A group of 13 Mayan Elders arrived in Los Angeles that day, finishing a series of rituals across North America that started in New York on the 27th of October. The Mayan Crystal Skull Ceremony has not been seen by anyone outside the inner circle of Elders before now, as the last public performance was nearly 26,000 years ago according to legend. For those who are unfamiliar, the 13 crystal skulls have an associated story that states that the quartz they are made of contains extremely condensed information about the history of this planet and the future of its human inhabitants. In theory, after they are ceremonially activated in public, this information uploads itself into human consciousness. Tamuanchán, the original Mayan name for what we came to call the United States, will become a sacred site once again and begin an enlightenment process across the globe.

All of this seems rather keen, but that doesn’t ever stop the voices of dissent.

In a somewhat predictable move, various Christian conspiracy sites began calling for massive prayer, in an attempt to push back the “demonic” portals these Mayan “witch doctors” and “demon worshippers” obviously planned on conjuring up. Making note that the date of 11/11/11 added up to a supposed numerical value of 33, and that Los Angeles lies directly upon the 33rd parallel, which is also where unexplained phenomena tend to occur with more frequency, it was deduced…that the Mayans were in league with the Masons. This, naturally lead to analysis of a proposed Mexican Peso bill, the front of which shows the Mayan calendar in it’s circular glory. Turning the bill over, one Christian site looks at the many symbols they interpret as being evidence of a satanic plot. The rectangle in the center appears to be a gateway of light, revealing a statue with wings adorning a large fasces, the bundle of birch rods associated with ancient Roman fascism. This is all surrounded by 4 obelisks, and the winged statue is seen posing in a manner similar to that of Baphomet.

So, naturally, the Mayans are going to open a gateway or portal to unleash demonic forces from the realm of Hell itself. This somewhat odious concept was rather difficult for me to swallow, and while I can attest to the symbolism on the Peso, I never found a source confirming its legitimacy as a proposed design. The site even went so far as to call the hidden information “fnords”, a fictional representation of disinformation from Robert Anton Wilson and Robert Shea’s satirical fiction novels “The Illuminatus! Trilogy”. The “fnords” are described as interjections in written sentences that people cannot see, effectively hypnotizing them into a state of low-grade fear and submission. Only the more “enlightened” can resist them. A concept more familiar in the John Carpenter film “They Live”. Yet, in keeping with the pop-culture representations of the modern day Christian, they seem to be pushing their collected energies toward any perceived enemy except the most obvious one.

Enter stage left hand path Portland’s own prince of darkness, Diablous Rex, formerly of Portland’s Church of Satan. A man as mysterious as he is soft spoken, this eloquent Mage can be recognized by his pointed beard and ‘horns”, “subdermal implants which are single staves of milled medical grade teflon” under the skin of his bald head. The horns, which Rex says ” look like a “gateway” as they resemble the number 11 in at least an impressionistic manner, and are a semiotic of the mind exisiting in two places at once. It has been said that” the mind that can hold to simultaniously incompatible thoughts would be the mind of the Devil.”

Calmly and diligently, he performs his work outside the limelight, stopping on occassion for an interviews with interested parties. He has been heard on the local fm radio show Ground Zero with Clyde Lewis, where he takes listeners death threats in stride. One such listener, a self proclaimed Christian, threatened to “cut his heart out.” Rex calmly replied to the caller later, asking who the real monster was in this situation.

My first exposure to Diabolus Rex was in late 2008, when I was already 4 years and some change into my occult research. In my searches for information, I came across Clyde Lewis and his work in the paranormal multiple times, and seeking more I found Rex on youtube. Rex was describing a machine to an audience after Clyde had returned from the 2008 Esozone, a convention for the more esoterically interested. The machine described was vague in the details, but he spoke of portals or “gateways” where what was considered “paranormal” can leak into our world. This engine he was working on, would make creatures emerge. The man spoke with an air of authority regarding the subject matter, but due to talking in the audience and low audio quality, the details were lost. However, the concept of using magick and technology to summon up supposedly mythic creatures stayed with me over the next years. As I continued my research, I would follow the recent advances in technology, and the concept became more plausible. Here and there, I would stumble upon more information regarding this “Ragnarok Engine”. After the events of 11/11/11 and the aftermath in the next week, I began correspondence with Rex in an effort to gain further understanding of the energies at play.

For the sake of its implementation, the Ragnarok Engine or “RE”, will live in an undisclosed location in Washington state as an “art installation.” What is known about this machine of his own design, is roughly what it’s supposed to do, as well as a few of its components. Based upon what public statements Rex has made regarding his creation, we know it to be a hybrid of modern technology and ancient magic, that is to act as a forge to develop and unleash demons upon the earth. Because, as Rex tells it, it’s much easier to create demons here than it would be to pull them from another dimension. Not much about the details are known aside from massive Tesla coils and a 5,000 pound Chaosphere, and in true Bond villain fashion, certain details will likely remain unknown until the day of activation.

The construction of demons doesn’t mean the same thing to all people, whether physical monsters are to appear, or manifestations in the collective unconscious. If it is the latter, it might explain the events of the past week. On the definition of “demons”, Rex had this to say: “As an artist and Black Magician, creation is coin of the realm. Demonic Beings exist as independent consciousness’s themselves, as well as inhabiting human minds, either by force, or by invitation. I believe we have created them imperfectly, and as they come from the deepest recesses of the human mind, this does not make them any less dangerous. The RE will (amongst other occult research imperatives), be used to generate unique new daimonic elements for purposes conceptualized by the Black Magician. The Ragnarok Engine will change the psychic ether that now is in place.”

With this explanation, I considered the RE balance test Rex conducted on 11/11/11. While this test was not connected to the various other parts that have yet to be constructed, I began to theorize about the possible physical ramification of intentionality. In Noetic theory, it is speculated that thoughts have mass, and as gravity has effect on all matter, thoughts may behave in a similar manner. It is in this theory that some have argued that the simple act of thinking creates change in the surrounding environment, in a butterfly effect fashion, the result of which is based upon the intention of the person having the thought. It occurred to me that in preparing to test the RE’s balance, Rex would have been focusing his intention upon it, and what it will eventually do when all is prepared. In a world where the people were subconsciously focused upon one collective thought a majority of the day. That thought being of the numerical significance of the date in the back of their mind, the effect would be like a massive psychic hive mind chanting the same numbers in the back of their minds all day. All this energy, with no particular direction, no intention. An outlet had to be found for it, and when it came to intentions upon that date in a magickal sense, the first two that fit the bill in my mind were the Mayan Elders and Diabolus Rex.

Rex describes his creation in his own words, as follows. “The Ragnarok Engine is a quantum black magickal research project into psychic paradigm shifting via the creation of mentally projected and technologically reinforced entities which are in turn entangled with a companion form in an alternate space/time position.”

It was on that night of the 11th, that I noticed the Occupy Portland encampment in the south park blocks had gotten louder. I had been on my way home from work after a closing shift, and my route home takes me through downtown, where I transfer to another bus around 11pm. A couple of fist fights broke out on opposite corners of the park where the Portland Occupation was, as I watched from my bus stop. This was followed very quickly by Portland’s mayor, Sam Adams, making the hasty decision to evict the Portland Occupy location. A move that was later critiqued by the Deputy Mayor of New York, as it didn’t coincide with the synchronized strikes that Homeland Security and numerous mayors supposedly wanted on the following Tuesday. This little coincidence allowed Portland to evict it’s park blocks ahead of the determined schedule. Then the violence slowly began to spread, or more specifically, the fear of the “other”. The Police in Seattle started small, isolated crackdowns on Occupy Seattle. Then Oakland got a little crazier. The next day, more violent scuffles began again in Dallas and Denver, as they began to settle down in Portland for a day. Then, the raid on Zucotti Park in New York early Tuesday night. I was watching the anger associated with fear spread across the nation in a giant ripple. I considered my theory for about three days before I noticed something I had missed.

Occupy Los Angeles had been peaceful most of the week, only recently being disbanded. The protesters would respect police officers requests, and in return, they too were respected. Assuming my theory had any validity at all, my mind turned back to those Mayan shamans in Los Angeles, the location of the most peaceful occupy encampment. Indeed, it is in LA of all places that I expected the majority of the violence to occur, given the city’s history for police clashes. Yet, the only mentions I heard were in reference to how respectful the occupy protesters were, and how the police returned the favor. As I write this, Occupy LA has just been offered 10,000 square feet of office space by the city, for one dollar a year, to conduct their work.

I hypothesize, with a certain degree of trepidarity, that these Shamans are connected somehow. In my occult studies and practice, I became familiar with the concept of the protective circle, a starting construct for most conventional magic rituals. It theoretically works as a barrier of protection for the practitioner, that outside influences cannot penetrate, like a psychic shield.

If these shamans created such a circle near the LA Occupy camp during their ceremony of wisdom and peace on the 33rd degree parallel, its energy would create a similar ripple effect, inoculating the City of Angels from the “fear wave”. I speculated that such a slow ripple might cancel out the other, more “reactionary” ripple of the fear wave. There is however, another magickal explanation.

The legend surrounding the 13 crystal skulls indicates that they cannot be destroyed by any ordinary means, and while the “fear wave” certainly might sound out of the ordinary for the average person, we’re talking about crystals supposedly left here by alien gods. “Ordinary”, in this case, could mean concepts that humans are capable of. So it’s possible that even a magickal “fear wave” would have minimal effect in the vicinity of these skulls. There was, however, another wave that centered upon that date, also the product of mysticism and technology.

According to the work of Terrence McKenna in his Novelty theory, a numerological formula can be used to calculate the ebb and flow of “novelty” and “habit” over vast periods of time. In his interpretation, periods of novelty are where humanity experiences spurts of creative application of collective knowledge gains with a focus on interconnectedness, while periods of habit act as passive acceptance of a more status quo mentality. Using a computer program called “Timewave zero” of his own design, I was able to calculate the date of 11/11/11 as being the end of a period of novelty, and the beginning of a period of habit. Indeed, the recent period of novelty contained all the events of the Occupy movement ramping up and making subtle headway. The beginning of the period of habit, on 11/11/11, saw crackdowns by police for the sake of the status quo. It would seem that the timewave accurately describes the shift in consciousness of last week, which would indicate a certain degree of “fate” in human affairs. Even more interesting is the accuracy of this timewave in determining trends in human behavior, in spite of the fact that it was created using what some might consider an occult source. The program was made by studying the ancient Chinese divination method known as the “I Ching”, arguably the most accurate of all divination methods. Combined with Ben Franklin’s magic square, the result is a model of measuring major events in human history.

The timewave also has a downward flow to its predictions, indicating that that December 21st 2012 will begin a period of what will look like pure novelty. This is to say that anything and everything imaginable will occur at the same time. For some this will look like heaven on Earth, for others it will look like the end of the world. The 2012 deadline on the timewave matches the Mayan prediction, and is also the date of the initial activation of Rex’s Ragnarok Engine.

This is due to what Rex refers to as a “Universal wellspring of submerged psychic apprehension bubbling up from a tremendous percentage of the human world, in particular other occultists. A skilled Black Magician could make use of this psychic pool of energy to fuel a project like the Ragnarok Engine, realigning the current Aeon to make it more receptive to a darker if not more accurate vision of our evolutionary imperative.” A particularly difficult position to argue with, considering the elevated stress associated with our increased interconnectivity. If one considers psychic energy as an actual force of influence in the world, it would seem that at the very least, we are collectively headed toward a certain something.

McKenna’s ideas regarding the 2012 event usually were represented as a sort of new aged prosperity movement, or an imaginarium of humanities best qualities amplified by technological application. Rex however, sees McKenna’s insights as being derived from a more objective analysis of information flow, neglecting that which exists outside of the material universe. Agreeing that there will be an eschatonic event in 2012, Rex notes that McKenna is no Magus, stating further that ” his perspective is “quaint” at best.”

Coincidental events are a hallmark of conventional assumptions regarding Chaos Magic. However, considering the unknown Washington location of the RE, I can only speculate upon its proximity to major cities based on how quickly my theorized “fear wave” travels.

An objectively accurate interpretation of Rex’s enigmatic structure, it as elusive to the layman as any other field of esoteric study.

Employing large Tesla coils around a 5000 pound steel Chaos Sphere (a sphere with 8 rays emanating from it that mark the points of a large invisible cube), the device is certainly built to handle large currents of electricity. In a way, it brings to mind certain feats capable with the HAARP facility in Alaska. A rather basic question would be, what kind of art installation would require such a ridiculous amount of electricity if it doesn’t actually do anything?

When it comes to today’s “objective” reality, we like to think we have pretty good grip on things. There will always be these seemingly concrete notions of the world that are provided from on high by legions of scientists, who feel that notions such as magic are the leftovers from fairy tales. In their more liberal moments, scientists might even hazard to speculate that magic in the past is merely the inaccurate historical interpretations of people who did not understand what they were seeing.

Based upon my own peering into the etheric crystal ball, I would state that the occupy movement has been struck a blow, in the physical and meta-science senses. Though it also seems they have guardians, even in the world of magic. The truncheon of oppression has dealt its hand. The circle of protection has shown it’s power as well. It would appear that while the collective mind of humanity is preoccupied with their day to day lives, a secret battle of magical forces is beginning to appear. All is being revealed as the occult curtain pulls back on the worlds stage. Will we survive long enough to watch the end credits?

Clyde Lewis said once that to survive in the future, we would have to “befriend your local hackers.” On another occasion, that we would have to “learn magic”.

I have found that both statements to be true, and as we head into this dark winter, it might behoove us to be more aware of the things that most people don’t even believe to exist. Indeed, it is on the part of believers in that which has not yet been proven, that widespread changes occur. One need not believe in an apocalypse, to be affected by those that do.

But that’s the thing, isn’t it? The terminology we use only tells a small portion of the story, as the words definitions are as varied as the people using them. For all we know, an apocalypse could be a good thing, a benefit to human kind. After all, the book of revelations is merely an interpretive story of a time when the truth is revealed. That is to say, a time when all is revealed. A revelation of the method, as it were. If the Internet is not evidence of this time, from a faith based perspective, then I’d wager something even more impressive is on the way. In the flow of information across the globe, we see an order emerging from the chaos, as the rocks of stability we cling to turn to dust before our eyes. To go with the flow may keep you from deluding yourself, but ones delusion is another’s truth. The problem we find in our world of information overload, is in how we attempt to discern truth. In contemporary chaos magic texts, the axiom goes, “when nothing is true, anything becomes possible.” Like all statements, it can have two meanings, literal and metaphorical. The one you choose for yourself, becomes the truth.

Keep your ears and eyes open, remain vigilant over the events of the planet, and don’t believe everything you think you believe. It seems the time is right to become skeptical of skepticism itself, as any number of connections can be made in shorter amounts of time as I have done here. It can be quite easy to be derailed from logic and rational discourse.

The Occupy movement has become a new reality upon the world stage, and Rex seems to have no stake in it’s fate one way or the other, as his work doesn’t even take place on this plane of reality. Though even if it did, the time wave tells a different story. If a model such as McKenna’s timewave proves correct or even somewhat accurate, then after April 7th we shall see a new and reinvigorated Occupy movement overturning concepts of status quo once more and with greater tenacity. April, being the statistically most violent month of the year, may see a new breed of protester or a new breed of oppression to meet it. Only time, it seems, will tell.

It would seem that we are looking at a very dark winter, as the uncertainty of the coming chaos rears it’s head, to drag us down. Down to where, it seems, won’t be known until it’s too late.

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