Did “JT LeRoy” Secretly Tape Sex Calls With “Elites”?

Did 'JT LeRoy' Secretly Tape Sex Calls With 'Elites'?On a recent #MorningMonarchy, we briefly discussed and played the trailer from the new documentary film, ‘Author: The JT LeRoy Story‘. Then our friend @BenjaminSeagram went the extra mile and shared some interesting things from comedian Marc Maron’s interview with, not only Jeff Feuerzeig, the filmmaker, but also the creator of “JT LeRoy”, aka Laura Albert.

You can listen to the whole ‘WTF’ interview (here or here), but our transcript (PDF) gets to the point that we want to share. Put quite bluntly: Did this “literary hoax” get the attention of so-called elites who liked the idea of an underage boy turning tricks on the telephone?

This has all the hallmarks of the sort of mind control/sex slave stories that the alternative media has researched for years. Laura Albert went from being an abused child and a ward of the state to becoming one of the most critically acclaimed (yet pseudonymous) writers of the decade. This only happened when one day one of men at the other end of the phone was a doctor with some very interesting connections.

“So by the time she calls as “Terminator” – Jeremiah “Terminator” LeRoy – in San Francisco, I dunno’, 20-something years later, she calls a hotline, Dr. Terrence Owens, guy picks up – that could’ve been the 17,000th call she’s ever made as a boy at this point in time.”

Dr. Terrence Owens is a former clinician with the Masonic Center for Youth and Families, located in San Francisco’s Presidio area, right next to the Serra Preschool and just down the way from the Walt Disney Family Museum and Old Mason St. To be clear, we’re not accusing Owens of anything other than introducing “JT LeRoy” to a world full of very hungry people.

While the story of “JT LeRoy” has been told at length, we’re not aware of any investigations into possible connections of this story to elite pedophile rings – something like the Franklin Scandal. But there are elements here that mirror what we do know about people like Jimmy Savile or Jeffrey Epstein. It almost sounds like what Corey Feldman described as being “passed around” between Hollywood pedophiles.

Were those kind of vultures circling in on “JT LeRoy” – only to find out he wasn’t real? Laura Albert, after telling ‘WTF’ about all those thousands of creeps on the telephone, simply says: “I have those recordings – perhaps, maybe, yes.

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